'The Amazing Race' Recap: A Strong Foursome is Born
'The Amazing Race' Recap: A Strong Foursome is Born
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week on The Amazing Race, the teams take off for Indonesia pretty seamlessly -- except for only one couple that decide to take a different flight. Will the gamble pay off?

There's more at stake this week: the Express Pass for the winning team. The only thing standing in the way? Bull racing, balloon popping, fish and 60 pounds of ice. In the midst of all this is two teams pairing up together for a super team of four.

Deviating From the Group

The only pair that decides to take another route is the Monster Truck couple. They're stopping by Hong Kong -- without knowing about the four-hour layover! I'm thinking it's not going to go so well for them. Everyone else takes the same through another airline. Even the last place Chippendales get their seats with everyone else. 

When the entire group minus the Monster Truckers land at a layover stop, the flight to Indonesia is fully booked, so everyone's waiting on standby. I don't know how, but James and Abba -- called "long-haired guys" by everyone else -- are the lucky two to get on. They land first, and make their way through nighttime streets of Indonesia and find the sword that they need telling them they're first.

Meanwhile, there's an alliance brewing: the twins and Texas (that's what the twins call Trey and Lexi, so it's my name for them, too). It's still too early to tell whether it's a balanced alliance, but I'm very intrigued to find out.

It's obvious the Monster Truckers are last. They talk about waiting for the youngins with all the energy to burn out so they can emerge. Um, good luck with that. When they realize they are last, they try to make themselves feel better by saying they like being last because they'll glide under the radar. I don't think you can do anything under the radar if you're last because you'll be gone! Their cockiness makes no sense.

Bull Riding and Balloon Popping

The next morning, all the teams gather to compete in a bull race. They don helmets and get on motorbikes, and have to race the bull-racing champion. I'm bracing myself for something bad to happen, but the race seems to go smoothly for everyone. 

Next up is a roadblock: give four kids a "ride" while making a balloon animal and hat for each kid. So imagine a crowd of children with their mothers. The players literally go up to four of them and lead them to their bike. The whole thing is unintentionally hilarious -- sure, kids, just follow these foreigners with cameras all around them. One of the Chippendales comes off as super creepy, trying to pull these kids who don't want to go with him, all while one of the adults is pushing them along.

We also learn a bit more about who likes to party, as that's the question asked for the challenge. Amy really likes to party. One of the twins likes to party -- about 30 bottles of tequila worth. Texas doesn't seem like they're into partying, but Lexi eventually says she does. And she's so adorable with the kids, genuinely smiling and being all-around cheery. Oh wait, I just realized she's a cheerleader. Well, they finish first!

There's a lot of loud popping going on as the balloons break. But Amy and Daniel, the twins and James and Abba fall in line to the finish.

Apparently, the gays are better at balloon animals, one of the goat farmers says. Who knew? Well, if gays are better at that, substitute teachers are so not. Will could not be struggling any more than he is in this challenge -- one of the kids even seems to be glaring at his inability to shape a long piece of balloon into an animal. They eventually come in last, after the Monster Truckers.

A Fishy Situation

The next challenge requires the pairs to find a car place, then head to a market where they'll either load up ice onto a truck, deliver it and unload it, or organize fish at the market. Texas goes with the ice, while the twins decide to take on the fish.

The twins' fish challenge is absolutely disgusting. One of them says she's so hot she wants to rub the fish all over her face. But they seem to be moving fast: they have to break blocks of ice and organize an entire stand of different kinds of fish, all the correct way. The fish has to be retrieved out of a giant bucket, and it's gross watching them reach way in to the bottom because half their bodies go into this fish bucket. 

Texas seems to be working well loading up the ten 60-pound blocks of ice. Meanwhile, James and Abba go to the auto place at first, but end up at the market shortly. Amy and Daniel are completely lost.

A Strong Foursome is Born

It's a race to see who'll finish first between the twins and Texas. The twins get their pit stop clue first -- a race through the giant, crowded market to find Phil Keoghan and his friend, a man who I have to believe has the world record for the longest fingernails.

The twins finish first and win the express pass! Ugh, I can't imagine how horrible they must be smelling. I'm also pretty impressed because I thought their sisterly bickering could be their downfall. While the fish was gross, it wasn't physically challenging as the ice one, so it seems they chose smartly.

Texas arrives at the pit stop very shortly after, and everyone's happy because they want each other to do well. Texas seems to balance out the twins' craziness. I haven't seen how the four have bonded, but I'm rooting for them.

"No Information in Indonesia"

The Chippendales finish third, because they weren't among the pairs to come in the top four after the balloon challenge. But they loaded up the ice, and they're super fit, so it's not much of a surprise. It's a nice rebound after being the final group to stay last week.

The two blonde friends haven't been given much screen time. They're on their way to deliver the ice but struggle with their wheelbarrow.

Abbie and Ryan get to the pit stop in fourth, and then it's the goat farmers.

Meanwhile, the Monster Truckers are still driving around. Amy and Daniel are still driving around. Remember: they finished second in the balloon part They stop for directions and ask for information. The woman politely informs her, "There's no information in Indonesia." I mean, obviously. 

James and Abba finish sixth, as the substitute teachers arrive at the market thinking they're last. But nope, Amy and Daniel are behind them. It's amazing to see no other team pick the fish challenge. The Blonde Friends come in seventh, and then we see the teachers unable to hang onto the ice in their wheelbarrow. The Monster Truckers come in eighth, which I think is amazing considering how much of a poor start they had.

Stroll to the Finish

With only Amy and Daniel and the teachers left, they're neck and neck, running through the market to find the pit stop. Well, the teachers are actually walking. Run! Who walks during a race when the team that comes in last goes home? For that alone, I kind of want them to lose because at least Amy and Daniel are hustling.

But the teachers make it out before them, coming in ninth, meaning Amy and Daniel are last. (I still can't believe how much time was wasted in between the balloon and the market.) Amy says it's heartbreaking to lose because it's an awesome experience.

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