American 'Top Gear' Renewed By History
American 'Top Gear' Renewed By History
History has renewed the American edition of Top Gear for a third season, the network recently announced.

A specific airdate or number of episodes was not mentioned in History's press release, but Rescue Me star Adam Ferrara, Speed Channel analyst Rutledge Wood and professional racing driver Tanner Foust will return as the hosting trio.

According to the release, "This season Adam, Tanner and Rut will race against speed boats, snowmobiles and jets, test the most modern police cars (hint: it's not the Crown Victoria) and see how far you can really get on one tank of gas."

Since its debut in November 2010, the American edition of Top Gear has tackled both challenges lifted from the original British series (such as the hosts making their own stretch limos) and those unique to the US car scene (attempting to fix the flaws of notoriously dangerous vehicles such as the Ford Pinto).

It also has found a natural chemistry between its three very different hosts - the sharp-witted comedian who crashes everything he drives (that's Adam), the NASCAR guy who couldn't be more loveable if he tried and unfortunately keeps getting nauseous (Rutledge), and the racing champ who once got fired for trying to drift a city bus (Tanner).

Celebrity guests on the show have included Maroon 5 lead singer and The Voice coach Adam Levine, Fast and the Furious franchise star Michelle Rodriguez, Criminal Minds star Joe Mantegna, and True Blood's Stephen Moyer. One episode this past season even featured an appearance by Donald Trump.

Though there has been some criticism of the series for its re-using of challenges that first aired as part of the UK edition, the British hosts have been complimentary of their stateside counterparts. "I think it's great. They've got the right team there," Richard Hammond told me in a recent interview, adding that he'd like to appear on the American incarnation at a later date.

Filming has already begun on Season 3.

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