Who's Going to Win 'Top Chef'?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Much has been said about the predictability of this season's batch of Top Chef finalists - that people have rightly guessed the top four early in the season. However, it also can't be argued that the quality of this season's finalists is one of the best in recent memory. Too bad they know it themselves, or at least cocky Michael does. While waiting for the results, he told his fellow finalists so.

That being said, the three people who reached the finals - Bryan, Michael, and Kevin - seems to be in equal footing. They had different styles, some like things simple, some challenging, but it's no question that they've been the most consistent all season long (see how effortlessly things are done without audience voting, Dancing with the Stars?). And as much as we want our girl Jennifer to be there for variety's sake, it would be an affront to the awesome seasons of the top three to make reservations for her just to make things interesting.

But just to give you an idea of how dominant this season's top three have been, among them, they have won a total of 18 challenges. But what's more startling is, the number of challenges Kevin has won (9) is equal to the V brothers' combined. Not only that, Kevin has never experienced being in the bottom of ANY challenge this season.

Bryan V.
Challenges won: 4 (all elimination)
Times in bottom: 3 (all quickfire)

Like his brother, Bryan is very creative in the kitchen, but he also has the basics down. He is very consistent, seldom makes mistakes, and, unlike Jennifer, can handle the pressure and adjust his strategies during crunch time. His dishes normally feature a high degree of difficulty, which can account for the times he found himself in the bottom - he rarely plays it safe.

Michael V.
Challenges won: 5 (2 quickfire, 3 elimination)
Times in bottom: 1 (quickfire)

Michael is the cocky one, but he has reason to be so. His imagination is unrivaled on Top Chef, an example of which is what he did on the grape-themed quickfire challenge in last week's finals part 1 where he grilled a kabob on the grape's tendril. He is inventive and usually thinks outside the box. The judges are amazed by his food combinations and the tricks and surprises that he has in store for them.

Challenges won: 9 (5 elimination, 4 quickfire, 1 as part of a team)
Times in bottom: none

Where the V brothers excel in creativity, Kevin is consistent and near-flawless in execution. His dishes are sometimes criticized (by Michael or some other) as being safe and ordinary, but they're done to perfection. He also knows his flavors and his Southern heritage is almost always evident in the kind of food that he prepares.

But as things are on Top Chef, one minute you're in, the next you're out. Oh wait that's a different show. But seriously, it only takes an extra pinch of salt to spell doom. So as much as Kevin's record is blameless and the V brothers seem invincible, a lot of things can happen on the finale.

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