Top Chef: Winner Showdown!
With the addition of Hung Huynh as the third of Top Chef winners, following Harold Dieterle from season 1 and Ilan Hall from season 2, we can start seeing some patterns emerge. Most obvious: they're all men. But that's not all they have in common. They also all attended the Culinary Institute of America. And they're all brunets!

Despite their similarities, they each took a different path to that Top Chef spot. When it came to hard numbers, can you guess which of the three winners had the best track record on the show? It might surprise you.

Sorry Hung-haters, but it's your least-favorite guy!

In season 1, Howard had four overall wins. He had two wins in the Quickfire Challenges, and two wins in the Elimination Challenges. He had the second highest number of wins in each category, with Dave Martin topping him in the Elimination Challenges with three, and Lee Anne Wong with three in the Quickfires.

Ilan also had four overall wins during his time on Top Chef. He was the best in his season 2 for Elimination Challenges, winning three overall. He had less success thinking quick on his feet, though. He only won one Quickfire.

Hung had a total of six wins in season 3. While Tre Wilcox had the most Elimination wins, with three, Hung was right behind him with two. Hung had the most Quickfire Challenges for the season, for a total of four.

Hung's success in Quickfire Challenges make sense considering the time spent outlining his strong technique. A good grasp of fundamentals can allow chefs to more easily improvise. Harold's stoic nature is reflected in his evenly split wins. Ilan's success in the Elimination Challenges show his strength with marrying concept and execution.

But numbers don't tell the whole story. We have three polls below, each to capture your opinion three different ways to assess the chef's appeal. Sure, only one of them is about food, but that's the nature of reality television, isn't it?

Trying to assess personality is tricky, as it is, by nature, subjective. I suspect, though, that Harold might win our below poll on most likable winners, for his mellow and generally mature manner portrayed on the show. But will Ilan's youthful sass appeal to some? Or how about Hung's no-holds-barred confidence? Some folks found that funny and entertaining. What about you?

Which chef could attract a clientele best based on his manly charms? Ilan is probably the easiest pick for this, since he is cute as a button, but will some of his cattiness against Marcel Vigneron lose him some hotness points? Harold has said he started cooking to help him with the ladies. Do you think they are flocking to his new restaurant Perilla for his food…or for his quiet John Wayne-brand of chef machismo? Will Hung's aggressive nature appeal to those who are irresistibly drawn to the alpha male?

Which chef's dishes got you drooling the most on the season? Which chef's food would you most like to try?

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Images courtesy of Bravo)