'Top Chef' Winner On The Taste of Victory
Two nights ago, live from Chicago, Hung Huynh was crowned the winner of Bravo's Top Chef.  A frontrunner throughout the season, his biggest competition, Tre Wilcox, was eliminated around the halfway point.  With Wilcox out of the way, Huynh didn't see anybody else as competition or a threat.  He worked hard, even giving off arrogance occasionally, but he is a man who knows just how good he is.  Today, exhausted from all the celebrating, a very tired but happy Huynh called BuddyTV to talk about the finale and the victory he knew was his.

On part two of the season finale, the chefs were asked to prepare a three course meal (which ended up being four, thanks to a surprise from the judges).  The chefs could use the ingredients they brought with them to Aspen, which excited Huynh.  "It was a chance to prove myself to the judges," Huynh told BuddyTV.  He had previously been criticized for lacking passion and the judges felt they didn't see him in his food.

The final three chefs, which included Dale Levitski and Casey Thompson, found out they would have sous chefs to help them prepare their meals.  Little did they know that their chefs would be world class and Huynh got Rocco DiSpirito.  "I was really excited," Huynh said.  "He's kind of cocky and our personalities are a little bit similar."  The two worked extremely well together and Huynh felt that DiSpirito went above and beyond what was asked of him

Later in the episode, much to Huynh's disappointment, former chefs CJ Jacobsen, Howie Kleinberg, and Sara Mair were brought back to assist the finalists in the kitchen.  Once he realized Tre Wilcox wouldn't be an option, he was given the lesser of three evils, as he put it, Sara Mair.  He was most grateful that he wouldn't be working with Jacobsen, who he knew didn't like him. 

Huynh had a great time at the finale catching up with everyone and of course, being crowned the winner of Top Chef.  Yet, don't expect him to go running to open his own restaurant just yet.  He does plan to travel but says he's happy in Vegas.  "Right now, I'm still concentrating on my work at Guy Savoy and I'll explore my options," he said.  It was a great season of Top Chef and BuddyTV congratulates Hung Huynh on his win!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of Bravo)