'Top Chef' Host Releases Cookbook in October
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
After reaching millions of viewers with Bravo's competitive reality series Top Chef, host Padma Lakshmi returns to the page with recipes for refined international cuisine that are easy to prepare.  This October, the 36-year-old model-actress will launch her latest cookbook entitled Tangy, Tart, Hot & Sweet: A World of Recipes for Everyday.

Roasted Citrus Chicken, Barbecue Korean Short Ribs, and Honeycomb Ice Cream are just a few of the recipes featured in Tangy, Tart, Hot & Sweet.  With over 200 savory dishes to choose from, ranging from appetizers, hearty meals, soups to desserts, Lakshmi shares the roots of her newest exotic recipes as inspired by her travels while providing the easiest and simplest cooking methods to impress one's guest.

As the host of Top Chef, she has been exposed to an array of dishes and has developed her own philosophy of food, which she attempts to translate in her upcoming book.

This isn't the first time Lakshmi tried her hand in culinary writing.  In fact, Tangy, Tart, Hot & Sweet marks her second cookbook following the release of her first book called Easy Exotic, which featured recipes for a delicious low-fat diet and was awarded Best First Book at the 1999 World Cookbook Awards at the International Versailles Event.

Aside from having an acting and a modeling career, the Top Chef host has established herself as a food expert early on in her career, having hosted Food Network's Padma's Passport, which is part of the larger series Melting Pot.  She has also been a guest host on parts of the British culinary tourism show Planet Food, hosting the segments in India and Spain.

In October following the release of her cookbook, fans can catch Padma Lakshmi as she engages in a series of book signing events and promotion in various areas of New York.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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