'Top Chef DC' Goes Back to School
'Top Chef DC' Goes Back to School
There are still too many chefs to keep track of (insert "too many cooks in the kitchen" joke here). Sam Kass, White House chef guy, stands next to Padma and we all knew this day would come, so why not sooner than later?  For the Quickfire, the chefs make "bi-partisandwiches" for Padma and Sam . . . wearing aprons that are tied together! Tim and I both love this, and he puts it best: "who got high and came up with this idea?" 

Angelo, my least favorite sandwich shop owner, is teamed up with Tracy, one of my favorite contestants. They prove to be a two-headed chef to be reckoned with by winning (Angelo is three for three now, and growing on me).  Sam Kass says that this challenge shows how difficult it is to form consensus. No, it showed how difficult it is to make a sandwich tied to someone else with only one hand.  

For the best Elimination Challenge maybe ever, the chefs must prepare school lunches in the name of ending childhood obesity. They are restricted to the same crappy budget and guidelines that schools have. Plus feeding kids is really hard, as Jamie Oliver proved with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  By the way, Tim is already campaigning for Fan Favorite, right? I have new favorites emerging besides Tim, Tamesha, and Tracy. I also like Tiffany, and Arnold, even though his name doesn't start with "T."  

In the true spirit of our nation's capitol, "taking one for the team" is not in Amanda's vocabulary. So she will avoid making dessert. She doesn't seem to have any qualms about preparing sherry-doused food for kids, though. 
Kelly feels really confident that kids will like feta and pickled onions. No way, I'm an adult and I don't even like that stuff really. Kids like noodles, butter, pizza, and anything that tastes like noodles, butter, or pizza. Kelly's team could very well go down like the Titanic tonight if their food is bad, they've got all the symptoms of an unsuccessful team. This is a freaking democracy, Kelly! Our government operates on a system of checks and balances! You can't take all the credit for those tacos that kids won't even like! (It turns out they DID like them. I don't have kids, I just eat like one.)

The budget proves to be a challenge for the chefs, and I hope they learned their lesson. Kids are eating cheap crap at school, and Michelle Obama/Dial NutriSkin do not approve. Poor Jaqueline can't catch a break, her chocolate pudding got demoted to banana pudding, and then to nasty starchy dessert mess. Plus she was partnered with Stephen in the Quickfire.

For the first time ever, the losing teams are called to the Judges' Table first.  Sam Kass criticizes Amanda and Jaqueline for poor budgeting. You don't become the White House chef by NOT telling it like it is. In an exciting moment, the losing teams turn on each others' dishes! Feisty! Stephen, Amanda, and Kenny are quickly becoming my least favorites. 

Despite her crappy attitude and hatred for democracy, Kelly won the challenge. Everyone cheered because the winner wasn't Angelo. Jaqueline, Amanda, Ed, and Kenny were in the bottom. It turns out kids don't like sherry. But in the end, a deficient dessert sent Jaqueline home, and she is the latest for us to not recognize weeks later in the Top Chef intro.

Who are your favorite chefs so far?  Who would you like to see go home?

Check back with us tomorrow to "peep" the school lunches from tonight's episode!  See, I'm still "with it."

(image courtesy of Bravo)