Reader Reactions: Top Chef Season 3 Finale
The season finale of Top Chef aired last night. In the end, the judges chose Hung Huynh over Casey Thompson and Dale Levitski to be this year's Top Chef. BuddyTV provided live thoughts during the entire broadcast, and readers were quick to weigh in with their two cents as well.

There were many readers who were happy with the result.

Many readers agreed with one anonymous reader who thought that "Hung was a true competitor" who "played it like a game." Another anonymous reader thought Hung was "the only one with real technique."

A Hung fan from Atlanta, GA who is happy that Hung won said, "All of you people that say that Hung didn't deserve to win, are you saying it because you don't like him? This was not a personality contest, it was about the food."

Another reader agreed: "I think a lot of people are basing their opinions on personality and not talent. Hung's dishes were by far the most composed and consistent, yet still being creative. I think his level of creativity was downplayed a lot just to keep the viewers guessing."

Addressing the accusations that Hung did not put enough passion into his cooking, a reader wrote, " It takes blood, sweat and tears (passion!) to become as "technically" skilled as Hung clearly is. No soul? Please...."

Of course, there are always detractors. Many people thought exactly the opposite: "It is a shame that for two years in a row the judges picked the chef that was more consistent yet uninspired rather than the chef that had more upside. Dale should have won. He's more creative and has more potential."

A Californian reader wrote: "I have been for Dale since the beginning of the the Finale, he showed the most originality and creativity."

Casey had fans too: "Casey was consistent and would be a great leader in any kitchen. Her skill and disposition are night & day from Hung's spastic demeanor. He's a whiny imbecile who played up the immigrant thing and did not deserve to win!!!!" wrote an anonymous reader.

A disappointed fan dubbed the winner "Hung the Rat Boy."

Another fan called attention to the "Casey as a fellow American" phrase, and asked, "Where does Dale or Hung stand with that? They're not Americans? Because one's gay and another's Asian? Please."

A reader from L.A. thought that "Hung was selfish and self-centered. No chef can make a success of a restaurant alone."

Many readers decided to reserve their ire for the judges and the show itself and the Bravo network. One reader wrote, "I have to agree, the judges have failed us and the chefs on their decisions."

One reader told us that there are "250 other channels to watch" now that Top Chef is "really starting to go down hill."

Several other former fans agree that they will never watch Top Chef again.

And Hung Huynh himself (or someone posing as him; it's hard to tell with these things) logged in to write, "Thank you to all my supporters. To the others, you all have valid points about why I shouldn't have won--just kidding. The edits to the raw footage make it seem like I have a big ego and that I think I am the best chef. In fact, the edits are unnecessary because the raw footage itself makes it seem like I am the best chef--because I am."

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of Bravo)