Personalities Emerge on 'Top Chef DC'
Personalities Emerge on 'Top Chef DC'
Despite how many chefs are left, some personalities are starting to develop. Spoiler alert: these chefs are not all sweethearts. Kenny is pissed because this is Top Chef, not Top Angelo. Speaking of Top Chef spin-offs, Gail is going to host Top Chef: Just Desserts (and some guy named Johnny who talks too fast will be the judge)! Are you excited? I am, I watch every single cake show I can get my hands on on the Food Network.

So the Quickfire Challenge is a dessert (pie) challenge. Some people feel more confident in this challenge than others. Angelo, perhaps over-confidently, makes a curried yam pie (what? gross). This week we're getting to know Arnold and Alex better and I knew I would like Arnold and dislike Alex. Alex looks like a villain from a childrens' movie. 

This challenge was largely a disaster, since most of the chefs tried to find their way out of making a dessert pie and/or did not taste their dish. Kenny wins the challenge and re-establishes his rivalry with Angelo. 

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs prepare a grilling picnic at Mount Vernon for interns. Lucky interns! Amanda and Alex get into it over an oven and he rightfully calls her a b*tch. Amanda is stressing us all out. She's got something to prove but nobody cares. 

In one of my favorite moments, Arnold openly copies everything Kenny does to start grilling. That's what I would do. This is the first show this season that has made me hungry, and it's a good thing. Ed could not be more over it and I like that, too. Jonathan Waxman is back, do you care?

A goose almost crapped all over Tim's food, but later the judges crapped on it, so it all came out even. Angelo praised Amanda's ribs, and I actually gained some respect for him as a person. Arnold, Ed, Amanda, and Angelo are called to the judges' table as the winners. Arnold gets the win (yeah! Team Arnold! He didn't even know how to light the grill!).

Tim, Stephen, Tracey, and Kevin (who?) are called out as the bottom four. Poor Tim and Stephen! They aren't doing well at the judges' table. Jonathan Waxman is not a kind judge, we are learning. They send Tracey home and I am kind of devastated. I liked her; but this leaves Tim and Stephen for next week's double elimination.

So, who are your favorites and least favorites so far?

Come back tomorrow to check out food porn from tonight's episode!

(image courtesy of Bravo)