Padma Lakshmi Talks about 'Top Chef' and Her New Book
Padma Lakshmi has been going through a difficult time in her personal life, with the announcement in recent months of her separation and divorce from husband, author Salman Rushdie. She has been able to keep busy, though, with her own career, both as host of Top Chef and as an author in her own right.

Her most recent book is Tangy Tart Hot and Sweet, and she's been crossing the country on a book tour. She has been talking about her new cookbook as well as the next season of Top Chef.

It's hard to believe, considering we just saw the finale of season 3 of Top Chef, but season 4 is right around the corner. Padma says, “Yes, we just wrapped [taping for season 4] up last week in Chicago. It went really well and I ate like a pig. Now I'm going to have to exercise.”

She says of the chefs and the food on the show, “It's all amazing. The fact that this show just keeps getting more popular and it's attracting a higher caliber of chefs is what impresses me. And the food is outstanding.”

Some people have wondered – possibly because of her model background and her status as a celebrity wife– if she actually is behind all of the content of her books. She's happy to set the record straight on that point, saying, “You know, I get [questioned about that] all the time, and yes, absolutely, this book is 100 percent me. I wrote every single word and the text for every recipe. It was two years in the making and a labor of love for me. My fingerprints are on every aspect of the book, and it's more of me than anything in my life.”

As yet, there's no premiere date for the new season of Top Chef, but one suspects Bravo will wait until they've wrapped up the pending season of Project Runway.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of Bravo)