Jennifer On 'Top Chef' Exit: No Regrets
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
A goat cheese dish that was too salty proved to be the downfall for Jennifer Carroll on her quest to barge into this season's Top Chef all-male final three. The Philadelphia-native, for her part, said that other than the little mistakes along the way, she has no regrets overall.

"I'm still Chef de Cuisine 10 Arts by Eric Ripert, which is in the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia," she tells TV Guide. "Right now we're just living in the afterlife of Top Chef. I have no plans on moving anywhere or doing anything different. I'm extremely happy where I am. Eric is so proud of me and all of my bosses have been such an amazing support throughout the season."

Carroll, 33, credits her exposure on Top Chef for some things other than herself.

"It's been great for the restaurant and the hotel and Philly as a whole."

Still, she admits to being a little disappointed at having gone so close to the Top Chef title; not only for her, but for Philadelphia, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and Eric Ripert as well "I wanted to win, so it was a disappointment."

That being said, though, Carroll admits that she was "thrown" with head judge Tom Colicchio's remark on the fact that she should've stuck to the original plan of grilling the duck.

"I was a little disappointed they kept bringing that up. When you're in the kitchen and you're cooking, if something doesn't go your way, you have to change it at the last minute to make the dish beautiful and work."

But in general, she says that while she trusts the judges' palates, she was also confident about her dishes. "It's all interpretive."

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