Jennifer Eliminated from 'Top Chef'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It's a boys party after all.

Just when we think Jennifer got her groove back after a win on the last episode of Top Chef (on the quickfire challenge, but still a win's a win), she was cut from the Bravo cooking show, barely making it to this season's top three.

The 33-year-old Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native was a frontrunner early on this season on Top Chef, but she found herself sort of dangling in the bottom of the pack. Either she or her team won the first two challenges of the season, and found herself on top on the first five episodes. She landed on the bottom of a quickfire challenge for the first time in week 7, but she quickly bounced back to win the elimination challenge in the same episode.

Jennifer became the 14th person eliminated this season on the first of the two-part finale which takes place in Napa, California's wine country. On the episode's quickfire challenge, the four chefs - Jennifer, Bryan, Michael, and Kevin - were tasked to prepare a dish using grapes. Michael V. won the challenge and in the process bagged a 2010 Toyota Prius.

Still on Napa, the elimination challenge to determine the final three has the four chefs creating two dishes for 150 guests at a "crush party" celebrating the grape harvest. One dish must be vegetarian, while the other must feature a local protein from the Napa area. The other V brother Bryan won this challenge, while Jennifer was eliminated.

Celebrity chef Michael Chiarello of the Foot Network's Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello was the guest judge for the episode. He also hosts NapaStyle on the Fine Living Network. He also owns a winery in Napa Valley.

With Jennifer's elimination, Kevin, Bryan, and Michael reach the final challenge next week, where they will cook the best meal of their lives to determine who is this season's Top Chef.

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