I Pledge Allegiance to 'Top Chef DC'
I Pledge Allegiance to 'Top Chef DC'
So many chefs, so little time many chefs. I have faith that this season will pick up, but tonight's episode didn't offer much of a "wow factor."  Like, remember when they did the Mise en Place Quickfire in Miami and those two people were eliminated immediately? That was exciting and I loved it! This Quickfire just established that Kenny and Angelo are kind of a-holes, and will butt heads for the rest of the season. They're also bringing back the "High Stakes Quickfire," which I thought was only a Las Vegas thing. Shouldn't it be more . . . patriotic or something?  

I guess there was a little blood, but not enough to make it exciting. And if there is blood, it might as well be from everyone sacrificing themselves to Kenny: God of Knife Skills. The final leg of the Great Top Chef Knife Race Quickfire seemed a little like Chopped, but without the one horrible/crazy ingredient.

A few snap judgments: John Somerville is really gross. Would you eat food if you knew THIS GUY made it?
Top Chef John.png

Also, my early favorites based on personality alone are Tracey and Tamesha.

The Elimination Challenge was to represent where you're from. Like the House of Representatives or whatever. I still need more D.C.!

I was immediately worried for Jaqueline because of classic Top Chef foreshadowing. They'll show a clip of the chef talking about a specific element of their dish, or performing a certain step in the process, and you just KNOW it's going to go horribly wrong for them. In this case, it was Jaqueline's decision not to strain her mousse (and what do you know, it turned out grainy!). I was also worried for John, but it might just be because he makes me uneasy in general.
For some reason, I want Kenny to fail big at some point in this competition. At first I thought he was a badass, but now we're seeing his chef ego come out. Maybe Angelo will poison him?

Jaqueline's dish kind of looked like cat food. And John's dish looked good (and didn't taste good, apparently), but I'm so put off by his appearance. I imagine that people eat at his restaurant and then they're like "my compliments to the chef" and then he comes out to meet them and they're like "AHH!!" and vomit everywhere. Or some variation of that. 

I was peeved to see Angelo win because he looks like he used to work at Hollister. For the most part, we've got some rough looking chefs this season. 

When they sent John home and I was really, really disappointed. He looked so crazy, like such a character! John, we hardly knew you, but will have trouble shaking you from our nightmares. Please pack your dreads and go.

A few questions before we get too far into this season:
-Why is this season sponsored by Dial Nutriserum? At least Glad made sense . . . 
-How much do you want to bet they'll go to the White House and pick from the White House Vegetable Garden and meet that White House Chef guy? Or make a dish to fight terrorism?
-How do you feel about Eric Ripert as the new judge? He seems like enough of a badass. 
-AND I still have some burning questions left over from seasons past. Like, what happens to all those giant Top Chef kitchens when the season ends? There's one in LA, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, and now D.C. What do they do with all those Kitchenaid appliances?

Check back with us tomorrow to judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a dish from tonight's episode by its picture!

(images courtesy of Bravo)