Exclusive Interview: Ryan Scott of 'Top Chef 4'
Exclusive Interview: Ryan Scott of 'Top Chef 4'
Top Chef challenges generally require that the chefs take the main concept and put their own creative spin on it. Unfortunately for Ryan Scott, his “California Flair” take on the idea of a tailgate party fell flat with the fans and the judges, and he was sent home on the last episode of Top Chef 4. It was the Sandee Birdsong (from season 3) lesson: if the challenge involves grills, the judges are going to be looking for a very particular feeling from your cuisine, which was just not what they found from Ryan's meal of bread salad with chicken, poached pear and hot cocoa.

Ryan took some time out to speak with BuddyTV, and as you might expect, despite the loss, he's still an upbeat and amicable guy. Read on for the highlights and the full mp3 of the interview.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

While he's not entirely pleased with all of the ways he was edited or perceived on the show, and, obviously, any loss can sting, he still seems to have a positive attitude overall about his time on Top Chef.

He's hoping to be able to capitalize on the exposure from the show as he opens his own place in San Francisco. He joked that the main concept will be “California tailgating,” with the tables all being actual tailgates, but in actuality, plans to keep things his usual clean, simple and California style.

One of his “secret ingredients” in his Top Chef locker was a Sri Lankan variety of cinnamon, which he says can be found from online retailers and that he recommends home chefs try in savory dishes. (And if you thought the poached pears sounded tastier than how they were received, he notes he used it in that as well.)

He says he thinks all the chefs left have strong talent, but Richard Blais, Stephanie Izard and Antonia Lofaso first come to his mind when asked who his favorites are. He seems especially impressed with Stephanie's flavor profiles, and, like eliminated chef Erik Hopfinger, he left Top Chef wanting to try out Richard's immersion circulator gizmo.

If you're in the San Francisco area, keep an eye out for Ryan's restaurant opening in the future!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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