'Tin Man' Premiere Draws Record Numbers
'Tin Man' Premiere Draws Record Numbers
However presented, The Wizard of Oz seems to truly live up to being a classic.  No one knows this better now than the SCI-FI Channel, which struck gold with Tin Man Sunday night.

Tin Man is the modern re-imagining of L. Frank Baum's classic tale about Dorothy, a lion, a tin man and a scarecrow.  It is a three-part miniseries which debuted Sunday through yesterday.

Tin Man Part 1's broadcast on Sunday from 9-11pm became the most-watched telecast in SCI-FI's history.  According to Nielsen Media Research's preliminary numbers released the following day, the first installment drew an average of over 6.3 million viewers.  This surpassed the previous record held by Steven Spielberg's Taken which riveted 6.1 million in 2002.

Tin Man also drew impressive numbers in both of its key demos with 3.8 million people between the ages of 25 and 54 tuning in, as well as 3.4 from those 18-49 years old.  It's first part performance has effectively given the network its best demo ratings since first going on the air back in 1993.

Tin Man stars Zooey Deschanel as DG or Dorothy Gale, Alan Cumming as Glitch, Raoul Trujillo as Raw, Kathleen Robertson as the sorceress Azkadellia, Richard Dreyfuss as Mystic Man and Neal McDonough in the title role.

When DG is transported by a tornado to the Outer Zone or the O.Z., she meets three unique characters, each with a troubled past and in search of something.  There is former genius Glitch, who is missing half his brain after the wicked Azkadellia took it from him.  Then there is the half-man, half-wolf Raw who seeks to regain his psychic abilities as well as to find courage.  Finally, there is the tragic hero, Cain, formerly part of the police force called Tin Men.  The four of them seek the help of the Mystic Man, who holds the secret of DG's fate.

Part two of Tin Man aired Monday, while the concluding third installment aired last night.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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