Tim Gunn Dishes On New Show
Tim Gunn Dishes On New Show
Heidi Klum may be the host of Project Runway, but the star of the show is mentor Tim Gunn. Next month, Gunn gets his own show, appropriate titled Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style on Bravo. The show will debut on Thursday, September 6 at 10pm ET/PT. At his side, on the show, is former model Veronica Webb. In a press conference today, the two gave us the details on Bravo’s hot new show.

Considering how many makeover shows there are, it’s hard to set yourself apart but Gunn and Webb promise that the show will be a standout. “It’s not an intervention. We don’t have family or loved ones contacting us. These women have self-declared their need for help,” Gunn shares. Also, Veronica and I do not tell them what to wear. It’s an education about who they are, with whom they interact, and how they want the world to perceive them. It’s very individualized for each person.”

Women will be the primary focus this season but that doesn't mean the men shouldn't tune in.  :"We don't work with a male subject this season and I'm saying this season because I'm hope there's more,'" says Gunn.  "But I hope men will take something away from this."  Webb adds, "We hope men will take some lessons away that will help them shop for their mothers, their daughters, their sisters, their wives."

Since its debut in 2005, Project Runway has become a cultural phenomenon and sent Tim Gunn into the spotlight.  How has he adjusted to his newfound fame?  "I still pinch myself every day and I say, I'm the luckiest guy in the world," Gunn tells BuddyTV.  "I still can't get over it!"

For those who just can't wait, the debut episode of Tim Gunn's Guide To Style will enjoy a sneak peek on Wednesday, September 5, after a new episode of Top Chef.  Both Webb and Gunn give us some things to look forward to.  "I think the people can expect to laugh along with the fashion foibles of our participant and I think people expect to be turned around and touched by our transformation," Webb tells BuddyTV.  "You'll laugh and you'll cry," Gunn promises

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of Bravo)