Exclusive Video Interview: Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher from 'Til Death'
Exclusive Video Interview: Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher from 'Til Death'
Brad Garrett is a funny dude.  I'm not sure anybody would deny that.  He spent years as the comedic foil to Ray Romano on Everybody Loves Raymond.  He's won Emmys.  He's been a working comedian for over two decades.  No one doubts his comedic ability.  However, audiences, even after his noteworthy, long-tenured run on Everybody Loves Raymond, haven't been inclined to check out Garrett's new series 'Til Death.  The traditional sitcom will begin its third season tonight, and FOX hopes audiences will start coming around.  Til Death also stars sitcom veteran Joely Fisher as Garrett's wife, plus youngsters Eddie Kay Thomas and Kat Foster as the couple next door.  Last month, we got a chance to sit down with Garrett and Fisher and talk about Til Death.  Or, at least that was the idea.

Below you will find the full video of our interview.

Brad Garrett cannot be contained.  If you wind him up, even in the slightest, he will just go on forever.  I think I asked about three questions total in this interview.  He and Joely did kind of answer the questions, but mostly went off on their own tangents.  Clearly, I was out of my league here, trying to rein in the unstoppable force that is Brad Garrett.  Regardless, the two of them appear to have a lot of fun together.

Garrett got very much caught up on the “blogging” nature of BuddyTV.  He seems to believe that only lowlifes still living at home when they're 40 years old read blogs and such.  I know he's joking, but this seems to always be a giant misconception when it comes to the internet community.  Older people unfamiliar with the internet like to make broad sweeping generalizations about the internet crowd when the truth is that almost everyone is represented on the internet.  There's no real specific “internet person."

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this interview.  It is incredibly silly, though I think I held my own just fine. 

-Interview Conducted By Oscar Dahl