Exclusive Interviews: 'Til Death' Stars Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster
Exclusive Interviews: 'Til Death' Stars Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The FOX sitcom Til Death is now in its second season, airing Wednesday nights at 8:30pm. Though Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher take center stage, their old marriage is contrasted with vibrant newlyweds Jeff and Steph Woodcock, played by Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster.

BuddyTV sat down with Thomas and Foster to discuss their roles on the show, how they enjoy playing TV husband and wife, and who they would pick if they could cast their ideal spouse. Below you will find brief highlights of the two interviews. At the bottom you will find links to the complete mp3 audio files of each interview.

-Going into the second season, both Eddie and Kat agree that the show and actors have found a comfortable rhythm, and that things go much smoother now that they know what works comedically and what doesn't.

-Brad Garrett is a funny guy on set, always trying to make people laugh, and Kat enjoys the opportunity to basically see his stand-up act for free at work every day. But when the cameras rolling, they agree that Brad is nothing but professional and doesn't purposefully try to ruin takes by making his co-stars break character.

-Kat and Eddie are both laid back people and enjoy just finding quiet time on set to hang out like a comfortable old married couple. They'll do crossword puzzles and Sudoku together, and they even have petty squabbles just like married couples. Eddie recalled one such event when they debated the content of a documentary about camels.

-Before each taping, the cast gets together to to a speed through, quickly going over all their lines. Kat also just tries to find some down time to relax quietly. Eddie loves the catering on the set, with cakes and sushi, but to prepare before a show, he tries his best to avoid eating any of it.

-When asked who they would cast as their ideal spouse, Kat responded with Edward Norton, because he's hot. Eddie went slightly more obscure, opting for French actress Audrey Tautou.

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