'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Blue Team Blues
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Blue Team Blues
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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You can all breathe a sigh, Hell's Kitchen lovers! I imagine our double night features of Gordon Ramsay and his fashion faux pas are finished. Please, let's not leave lonely men in front of a lit stove while half-dressed models parade around the room ever again!

Gear up Blue Team, because tonight is a brand new service! Clemenza was saved from elimination last night, but this episode is sure to bring new shockers. It's every man for himself in tonight's challenge. Keep your eyes peeled as prized fighters Sugar Ray Leonard and Tito Ortiz make appearances!

"I'm glad you're here, dude," says Patrick to a recently saved Clemenza. His speech is different to cameras, though. Patrick's mission is to get his teammate out of the kitchen. I thought the mission was to cook as best as you can?

Challenge: The cheftestants must create dishes, including the ingredients revealed in five-minute intervals. There are platters being lit from underneath. Every five minutes, the next platter lights up and the chefs are racing for the best ingredients.

"I don't [expletive] like beets," complains Robyn. "They taste like dirt in my mouth." You grabbed it, you deal with it! All across both kitchens, you hear chef after chef complaining. Except for Royce; he's "confident."

Anita Lo, executive chef of Annisa, Douglas Keanne, executive chef of Cyrus, and Michael Cimarusti, executive chef of Providence, will help to judge the teams tonight. Each chef will award the cheftestants with a number of stars. Whoever walks away with the most stars will win.

The teams are neck and neck during the judging. With Robyn's obvious dislike towards beets, "I hate beets!" The judges are turned off of her dish and the Blue Team pulls ahead. Royce has a chance to lead his team into victory with his lobster dish, yet finding a long hair on the plate could cost them them the win. "It's bigger than Roshni," comments Chef Ramsay. Best commentary EVER!

Challenge Winner: The Red Team

Christina's winning lobster dish will be on the menu for tonight's dinner service. The winning team will enjoy a day of pampering at the spa. As an added bonus, each of the winning women receive a set of cookware. The Blue Team must clean the dormitories before preparing for tonight's service.

The women cannot even enjoy a day of free pampering without argument. Barbie's ignorant comment about bath water turns into greater tension once they arrive back in their kitchen. This should be interesting.

Dinner Service

Chef Ramsay has invited special guests to sit at his Chef's Tables. Justin of the Blue Team will be serving UFC fighter Tito Ortiz while Robyn of the Red Team will be serving World Champion Sugar Ray Leonard.

Again, Clemenza? The Blue kitchen starts off slow thanks to Clemenza's inability to cook pasta. They better get a move on it. Christiina is kicking butt with her risotto. Although, the arrival of tonight's guests stops everybody in their tracks. Both Christina and Brian have to give it two tries with their VIP risottos.

"Tiffany is basically making out with the Wellington," says Robyn while demonstrating. Tiffany sets the knife against her lip then touches the meat with it. GROSS! Roshni isn't any better in the Blue kitchen serving raw beef.

The best part about all of this is that Tito Ortiz can see everything happening in the Blue kitchen. Is he worried? Scared that he might choke on a hair as he witnesses the Blue Team struggle time and time again? Of course not! He's laughing!

As for Sugar Ray ... well he's being served a lot more than food. Robyn decides to lend her entire life story when, and I'm just going to go out on a limb and say  this, they haven't asked for it. "They LOVE me," she boasts. No, hun. They don't and you might want to check on your team's overdone Wellingtons.

Tiffany finally gets the "Wellies" done right, but Tito is enjoying watching the Blue kitchen sink, failing to send out a single entree. The entire team is asked to leave the kitchen and Tito makes sure to capture the moment on his video phone.

To twist the knife, the Red Team finished their own tickets and then picked up the slack in the Blue kitchen.

Chef Scott hurries up to the dorms and lets them know that Ramsay has some words for them. Chef Ramsay meets them before they can step anywhere close to the kitchen. "Its an absolute [expletive] joke!," he yells as he throws a dirty towel their way. They are sent back up the stairs to discuss who will be nominated for elimination.


Brian explains that he has been nominated for the first ticket slowing them down and Clemenza for ... well, I'm not sure. Ramsay finds this ridiculous, saying, "neither one of you deserve to be nominated." Looks like they'll be safe from this one. So who is up for elimination, Chef Ramsay?

Roshni and Patrick are called up to plead their cases. "I have so much more to offer," says Patrick. "Today, yes I screwed up," urges Roshni. "But I am here to stay, Chef." Ramsay asks the Blue Team who they think should go home. Majority says Roshni should go home, but she turns right back around and points fingers.

Eliminated: Roshni

"I never got involved in all the [expletive]. I was here for a purpose," Roshni explains. "I just didn't have enough time to prove it."

Seems safe to say that next week on Hell's Kitchen, many viewers will be left wondering, "What just happened?" Royce will be put head-to-head with Christina. The Red Team will finally turn on itself. Kimmie will rap then burn her hand. And last but not least Royce will say, "Call your momma!" Yes, it's one you should not miss!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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