'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Fashion Night Frenzy
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Fashion Night Frenzy
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Thirteen cheftestants are left in the competition and three of those 13 are waiting their fate from Chef Gordon Ramsay. Last night on Hell's Kitchen, Danielle, Patrick and Guy stood before Ramsay, waiting patiently, unlike the rest of America, to see who goes home. If you ask me, I would send Danielle home for trying to serve raw pork to diners.

Tonight, not only will we learn which cheftestant has next been placed on the chopping block, but also the remaining 12 will marry food and fashion as the dining room is filled with hungry fashionistas. 
As promised from Monday's episode, we will now see who Ramsay has decided to send home.

Eliminated: Danielle

So much for the alliance between Dana and Christina! Danielle is sent packing to serve raw pork to the rest of America. "I feel devastated right now," cries Dana before blowing her nose into a napkin. So now the Red Team seems to have split into two alliances: Christina and Dana; and Tiffany, Kimmie and Robyn.

Over on the Blue Team, Royce is nominating himself to be the new leader. "This team has gotten better and stronger because of my leadership," boasts Patrick. Really? When was the last time the Blue Team won a cooking challenge? Not that Royce could do so much better. "Every one of us needs to wake up!" yells Clemenza. Thank you. Someone has some sense!

In the dining room, Chef Ramsay welcomes in beautiful models, who are holding dishes that define the eras in which they were created: the '50s, '60s and '80s.

Challenge: Each team must produce an appetizer and two entrees -- one fish, one poultry -- inspired by fashion. Coming in to help judge are David Miester, Amanda Che and Ina Stoltza. The winning dishes will be on the menu at Hell's Kitchen's first Fashion Night.

Justin and Brian work together to create the Blue Team's appetizer, while Dana is trying to put her perfectionist ways to work on the Red Team. Clemenza has ideas for the fish entree over on the Blue Team, heading up Guy and Royce. They seem to all be working well together, too. Robyn dictates the fish dish over Kimmie, and Tiffany is bossing Barbie around for poultry. The fashionistas mentioned no fatty or fried foods. Did Tiffany listen? Nope!

The Red Team's dishes are done and ready to be tasted. As for the Blue Team, Guy brings them right to the very last second.

Justin presents a lobster appetizer which, to a more than amateur cook/fashionista, looks pretty and tasty, but these "experts" have nothing good to say about it. It doesn't look appealing and it doesn't taste very good, either. Dana isn't that much more lucky, but she wins a point for the Red Team.

From here, Patrick sells his dish by somehow mentioning the word "mucus." Do you think he won that vote? Thanks to Tiffany's deep fried eggplant mistake, Blue gets the point!

Lastly, Guy's Italian-fused swordfish wins over Ina as they share sexy eyes back and forth. "Most women surrender," confesses Guy to the cameras. Not so soon there, slugger. Robyn fails to impress after leaving the spices from her and Kimmie's dish. With one vote for each team, the final point is left up to David.

Challenge Winner: The Blue Team

The Blue Team will be given a couple grand to spend in Malibu boutiques before gathering at a wine tasting. The Red Team will transform the dining room for Fashion Night, including a handmade runway.

Brian falls in love with a stylist at M. Fredric, while the women band together to bring in the parts of the runway. "Robyn is apparently a jack of all trades, but a master of none," complains Barbie. Robyn is definitely not pulling as much weight as Christina, who is getting more and more frustrated.

Christina's apparent stress has prompted an impromptu runway walk. The cymbals accompany Kimmie as she struts her stuff.

During the Malibu wine tasting, the Blue Team collectively consumes eight glasses of wine, if not more. "I'm half baked," says Brian. Let's hope they have a night off from cooking. This cannot be any worse than what Tiffany is up to while decorating. There's flatulence filling the room and James is all but impressed.

The once "ride or die" duo, Kimmie and Robyn, are now at odds, still arguing over the lack of spices in the fashion taster challenge. I believe that if Robyn would simply drop the issue and focus on prepping the kitchen, then the chips would fall as they may. Yet this is dramatic reality television, so another argument rises and Kimmie makes her way outside of their dormitory to take her frustrations out on a punching bag.

Fashion Night Dinner Service

Ramsay explains that the first part of the fashion show will begin before appetizers and the second before entrees. Also, a member from each kitchen will help at the pass: Kimmie for Red and Royce for Blue.

Before anyone can even walk through the doors of Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay notices that Clemenza has begun cooking scallops. Four scallops can cost Clemenza a shot at becoming Ramsay's executive chef at Steak, let alone a shot at finishing tonight's service. What happens next?

To Be Continued

Well, thanks AGAIN to FOX, we will be waiting until next Monday to witness the entirety of the first ever Hell's Kitchen Fashion Night dinner service. Will Clemenza be sent home or will he be saved when a member of the Red Team sneaks over and takes meat from the Blue kitchen? Tune in to find out!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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