The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 10/1/07-10/5/07
The Young and the Restless: Week In Review  10/1/07-10/5/07
This week on The Young and the Restless, everyone flirted.  In Gloria's case, she flirted with Jeffrey to retrieve the jar of Jabot face cream that William left for him before he died.  She wanted to get rid of all evidence of her past tampering with the product, so she asked for it back.  Jeffrey gave her an identical jar, but not the real thing because he knew there was something fishy going on with this.

Sharon, after visiting Phyllis in prison and explaining that the kiss with Nick meant nothing, came back home to Jack and used all of her feminine wiles to get back into his good graces.  After what seemed like interminable pulling of teeth, Jack finally took the steps to begin forgiving Sharon.  They shared a romantic meal of pizza on fine china, and things started looking up for the two.  But it probably won't last because Brad called in a tip to a reporter that Nick Newman had been pursuing Sharon.

Neil flirted with Karen at the gym.  Also at the gym, Cane flirted with Lily by showing her how to correctly lift weights.  There was much gushing from Lily to her best friend Colleen about how handsome Cane is.  Neil invites Karen and Cane over to his house for the Winters' weekly family dinner.  This resulted in much awkwardness between Cane.  Cane had a date with Heather afterwards, but it was still clear that Lily made quite an impression on him.

Colleen invited Brad over for dinner with her and Adrian, but that didn't go well either, each man posturing to best the other.

Victoria has a mini breakdown with Nikki buys her baby clothes because it reminded her of her prior miscarriage.  Victoria and JT go up to Clear Springs for a romantic getaway, where JT proposes to her.  She says yes.

Sadly for Nikki, she found out that Victor has the means of ruining all of her business with the Clear Springs project and confronted him about it.  They eventually decided that their marriage is over and they agreed to divorce.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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