The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 9/17-9/21
The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 9/17-9/21
This week on The Young and the Restless, Amber's plan of burning some of the stolen money and a bunch of shredded currency in the airvent of the room Ji Min died in actually worked.  The fire department put the fire out and found the money, which means that Amber, Daniel and Kevin no longer have to pay back the government in the amount of $700,000.  But they were facing multiple criminal charges, so they haven't got off scot-free yet..  Michael hatched a plan such that if they can convince Cane to testify along with them against Agent Bonacheck, then they will be able to make a deal and avoid jail.  Cane reluctantly agreed, and the three celebrated.

Divorce Party

Colleen threw Lily a divorce party at Indigo.  Lily invited Cane, Devon invited Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Neil invited Karen.  They all ended up smooching, except for Devon and Ashley because he thought it would be better to be Mr. Junior Executive.  Lily accidentally got drunk and threw up, but Cane didn't really care.  Their flirting continued throughout the week.

Phyllis Gets Visitors

Phyllis visitation privileges were finally reinstated this week, except for Nick who is still banned.  Sharon, Noah and Jack visited her.  Eventually, Nick used his manly wiles on the warden and was finally able to see his wife.  They had a tearful but short reunion.  Victor Newman also visited Phyllis.  He offered her a deal so that if she testifies that Jack told her that he owned Jabot, Victor will get her transferred to a minimum security apartment-like prison where should could live and still go to work.  Nick was furious to learn that his father was trying to bribe Phyllis to do his bidding.

Jack Decides to Come Clean

After much hemming and hawing, enduring many reproachful looks from Sharon, and visiting Phyllis, Jack decided to come clean about Jabot.

Gloria Brings Jack Down

Immediately after Michael successfully negotiated an immunity deal for Kevin, Gloria decided that she needs to use Kevin's computer savvy to take down Jack.  Kevin had illegally recorded a DVD of Jack all but admitting to Ji Min that he owned Jabot.  Although Michael was dead set against it, Gloria brought the DVD over to Victor.  Kevin assured her that the DVD was untraceable.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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