The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 9/10-9/14
The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 9/10-9/14
Genoa City started off the week with the aftermath of Ji Min Kim's death and the release of a recording of Jack that set off a maelstrom of a mildly uninteresting business scandal.  The tape is of Jack admitting to fraudulently owning Jabot, the implications of which could cost him  his seat in the Senate, Nikki her interests in the Clear Springs Project, Katherine her reputation regarding Jabot.  It seems likely that Victor is the one who leaked the tape to the press, though he hasn't admitted it outright yet.  Most likely, he was motivated by jealousy over Nikki's apparent affair with her public relations guru, David.

Liar, Liar

Jack, fearing political backlash, goes on the offensive about the tape.  He holds a press conference with Nikki and Katherine, issuing a statement that they are all saddened by the death of Ji Min and that the tape was fabricated by their enemies.  Jack sees no other option other than to lie about it, which disappoints Sharon and confuses Noah.  Although, to be fair, I'm sure Noah has been confused by far less.  Nick wants Noah to live with him until the scandal blows over, but Sharon says no.  Meanwhile, Jack's father's spirit takes him on a guilt trip for all the lying he has done in recently.

Phyllis is in the Slammer

Phyllis is still in jail and still doesn't have any phone or visiting privileges because she was caught on the phone last week when she wasn't supposed to be.  Michael is still allowed to see her because he is her lawyer, and when he does, Nick tags along and pretends to be his co-counsel.  The plan backfires, and now Nick is banned from the prison facility for the foreseeable future.

Nikki and David Sittin' in a Tree

David worked tirelessly to put out media fires to keep Nikki's reputation clean regarding the Jack and Jabot.  Before the tape aired on the news, he pre-emptively drew up a statement for her which he shared off the record with a reporter, whoops.  After the tape broke, however, he did his best to cover Nikki's tracks.  She rewarded him by finally showing up at his hotel room and giving him a night of passionate lovemaking.  Victor, who is still too proud to make amends with his wife, sees them leaving the hotel together, dressed in their robes.

Poor Little Amber From the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Even though Daniel and Kevin both have the money to pay off the government, if Amber can't pay up, then they all go to jail.  Fortunately, Amber has found the stash of stolen money that Ji Min stole and hid in his hotel room before he died.  Unfortunately, Evil Amber shows up to convince her only slightly more ethical self to keep the money for herself and find some other way to pay back the government.  Fortunately, Gloria, after much goading from Kevin, offers to give Amber the money with no strings attached.  This leaves Evil Amber to plan an elaborate way to keep the stolen money for herself.  She takes some of it, and mixes it with shredded currency that she burns and places in the hotel airvent.  This leads to the evacuation of the entire club, where she saves Jill's life along the way.  Meanwhile, Cane gets flirty with Lily, who has just signed divorce papers with Daniel.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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