The Young and the Restless: September 25 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 25 Live Thoughts
Today's episode of The Young and the Restless opens with Nikki and David watching the footage of Jack's culpability on the news.  The two are finally out of bed, it seems, and Nikki's hair looks fabulous, with loose wisps framing her face.

Jack is still at home!  Geez, what is with this guy?  If the incriminating footage didn't ruin his career, then his incredible inability to do any kind of work would have.  In a rare moment of fortitude, Jack decides to go ahead with the press conference.

Phyllis also watches the news from prison.  She tries to make a phone call, but her prison-issued card is out of funds.

Gloria and Kevin also watch the news at the coffee house.  Kevin reminds Gloria not to gloat publicly about bringing Jack down because he doesn't want them to get found out.

Jack is now pissed off now that he realizes that someone was taping his private meetings in the Jabot board room.

Gloria now fantasizes about locking Jack out of his house with all his belongings thrown out too, just like he did to her.  Kevin makes a "Just Jack" joke.  It's nice to see that The Young and the Restless writers are so up with the pop culture of, like seven years ago.  Kevin gets a call from Jana who asks him to meet her.  She tells him that she's been transferred to Jackson State Penitentiary.

Colleen meets with her mom Traci.

Nikki realizes that she put every dime she has into the Clear Springs Project, but David does what he can to calm her down.  Victor, meanwhile, greenlights drilling on the project.

Jack is in the midst of planning his press conference when Katherine comes in to demand that Jack state publicly that she had no knowledge of his ownership of Jabot.  She insists that he owes her, but that just makes him angry.  He accuses her of making the tape.

Brad gives Sharon his support during her hard time.  He also calls her husband "Jacko," which makes me rethink Jack's relationship with his step-son.

In prison, Phyllis buys a $10 phone card from a sullen and angry fellow inmate for $20.  After they hang up, Jack sees that Traci has just come into the club, where he is going to give the press conference.

Kevin has just arrived at the prison where Jana is being held.  He tries to kiss her, but the guard doesn't let them.  Jana is wearing the same jumpsuit that Phyllis wears, so maybe this is the same prison?  I can't remember where they took Phyllis.  Jana fills Kevin in on her last few days.  She said that she had a hearing but was ruled unable to stand trial.  Jana says that she has to stay in jail to protect him.

Katherine and Gloria are still at the coffee house.  Gloria says that nausea is one of the side effects of being around Jack, but she pronounces it "NAW-she-ah."  Poor, dumb Gloria.  Katherine says that she's not going to the press conference, and Gloria offers her sympathy.  Gloria says the two women are like kindred spirits because they have both been wronged by Jack.

Colleen wants to be at the press conference because Jack is family to her.  But Brad is trying to talk her out of it.  They bicker about this and that.

Jack tells Traci that he's glad that she came to offer her support, but he tells both her and Sharon to go home because he doesn't want to further humiliate them.  He is very firm on this.

Finally, it is time for the press conference.  Jack said that none of his sisters were involved in the scandal.  He said that although he made an agreement not to own Jabot anymore, he had to step in to keep his father's company afloat.  He said that he lost money on the transaction when he sold the company back to Chancelor Enterprises after he saved the company.  After his statement, the floor is open for questions.  He's very good at giving politician-like non-answers, and states unequivocally that he intends to serve his full term as senator.

Nikki is on the phone with her investors who are pulling out of the corrupt project.

Jack tells the reporters that he schedule the press conference before he knew about the footage.  The reporters laugh cynically at that, but Sharon steps up and confirms that he is telling the truth. 

Kevin's time visiting Jana is up.  He wants to visit her tomorrow, but she says no.  He says that he's going to get her out even if he has to break her out, which is not a smart thing to say in front of the mean prison guard.

Gloria arrives to gloat about Jack's misfortunes.  She tells him that she is wearing the same suit that she wore when he threw her out of the Abbott house.  She thought that it was fitting to be wearing it today.  She and Victor clink champagne glasses.

David and Nikki decide that the best thing to do for Clear Springs is to throw Jack to the curb and distance herself from him.

It is the same prison!  Phyllis is watching the news when Jana comes by and recognizes her.  Jana's so happy to see a familiar face and gives her a big hug.  Maybe they can be shower buddies.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jill refuses to let anyone see some surveillance tapes, JT passive-aggressives about Brad potential being the father of Victoria's baby, Jack knows that Victor released the first tape.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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