The Young and the Restless: September 21 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 21 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins with Jack and Sharon, cuddling post coitus.  He expositions that he is going to come clean with his fraudulent ownership of Jabot.

Gloria and Kevin are still arguing over whether or not they should release the DVD of Jack.  Kevin doesn't want to go to jail, but Gloria really wants to bring Jack down.  He agrees to go along with her on the condition that she is never to mention to anyone that he is the one who recorded the DVD in the first place.  She calls Victor to sets up an appointment.  At this point, Michael walks in and expresses disapproval about the plan.

Nick is at work.  Brad comes in and reminds him that tonight is Yom Kipur and Brad, who is really George Kaplan, is a Jew and must go to temple to atone for his sins.  He should also be fasting today too.  Phyllis calls Nick at his office from prison.  Nick cancels all his meetings for the day.  He's got some kind of plan,

Oh crap.  Noah is back on screen.  He is having breakfast with Sharon and Jack.  In between complaining about having to learn six new words to spell, he whines about Phyllis.  Nick comes over and asks Sharon if he can take Noah over to visit Phyllis.  Sharon suggests that they both take him, pulling him out of school to do so.

Lily and Colleen are at the athletic club, discussing Cane, who is sitting across the room.  Lily is nervous about talking to him, but Colleen is pushing to her to.

Brad is in Victor's office, apologizing for putting his family in danger.  Victor remembers that today is Yom Kipur and that deduces that that must be why Brad is apologizing.  Today's episode of The Young and the Restless must be the Very Special Jewish Episode.  Victor isn't necessarily buying Brad's contrition, however; he wants proof that his metamorphosis is sincere.

Lily finally gets up the courage to approach Cane.  Lily babbles nervously, but Cane suavely flirts.  Meanwhile, Brad finds Colleen.  Because it is his Very Special Day of Atonement, he is trying to make amends with Colleen, but receives only a frosty reception.  He asks her to come to temple tonight with him.  He asks her to give him a chance, but she shuts him down.

Sharon, Nick and Noah are at the prison.  Monopoly Man Warden yells at Nick to leave right now, but Nick raises his voice and tells him that he needs a few moments to explain to his son why he isn't allowed to see Phyllis.

I really don't understand why the parents have to talk to Noah like he's an idiot.  I mean, yes, I know, he is an idiot, but maybe he would be less of one if they didn't treat him like one.  Anyway, Nick leaves and then Phyllis is brought in.  Sharon thanks Phyllis for convincing Jack to go public.  Then, Noah, because he is an idiot child, cannot keep it a secret that Nick is outsde.

Kevin comes home to Gloria and Michael, bringing a burned DVD of Jack.  Kevin says that the DVD is completely untraceable, so he will never be implicated.  Gloria finally agrees that maybe Michael might be right.

At the prison, Nick tells Monopoly Man Warden his entire sob story about how he lost his memory but fell in love with Phyllis all over again.  He only had one night with her before she was locked away in the slammer, and he begs the warden to let him see her.  He says, "If you've ever loved a woman, please let me see her," not realizing that the warden is fat, and fat people never get any love on TV.  So appealing to his sympathies in this way might not work.

Hrm, I guess I was wrong because a little bit later, Phyllis is brought in again to see Nick.  But right before he does, he tells Sharon that he doesn't have his memory back, and even though he does love Phyllis, he still sees what he used to have with Sharon.  Sharon says that they are not the same anymore.

Cane and Lily are still flirting.  Lily bets him that he can't eat an unagi maki roll, which she describes as cucumber and raw eel.  Stupid girl, unagi is cooked eel.

At the prison, Phyllis tells Nick the details of Victor's deal that he offered yesterday.  He said that he would get Phyllis into a minimum security country club prison if she turns on Jack.

Gloria has made her way to Victor's office and hands over the DVD.  She makes it clear that neither of her sons knows about it.

At the club, Colleen's frosty demeanor toward her dad has thawed a bit.  She says that she's still angry, but she'd like to go to temple with him tonight, as long as he can promise to let her live her own life.

Cane invites Lily to sushi and to a club in Milwaukee.  Milwaukee is a sexy, sexy place to bring a girl, sport.  She says that she can't go to the club with him because she's only 19 and doesn't have a fake ID.  He is shocked and disappointed to know she is underage.

Brad, on his Very Special Day of Atonement, apologizes to Sharon for marrying Victoria even though Sharon told him that she loved him.  He says that if she chooses to stay with Jack, then he'll understand, but that he wants her back.

Meanwhile, Kevin is running a hard-drive scrubber on his laptop when Michael comes in and catches him.  Michael is furious to learn that Gloria took the DVD to Victor, so he pours a glass of water onto Kevin's laptop.  Um, if Kevin acts now, then he can save the computer.  Just take the keyboard out and clean the membrane circuit underneath, duh.  I thought he was supposed to be some kind of computer genius.

Next time on The Young and the Restless: Victoria tells Victor that he needs to change, Noah can never forgive Jack.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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