The Young and the Restless: September 20 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 20 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless is back again today.  Jack and Sharon, fresh from their argument about Jack's impaired ethical judgment, decides to go to the prison to visit Phyllis.  Because, you know, he doesn't have any work to do or anything.  He leaves the room to wash up, and Sharon takes that opportunity to call Brad.  She asks him to have coffee so that she can break her bad mood, but he insists that it's gotta be dinner.  Jack interrupts and asks where his keys are, and Sharon tells Jack that she loves him.

Kevin is at home when Gloria barges in to celebrate all the good fortune they have enjoyed of late.  The newspapers and the blogosphere are all calling for Jack's resignation, so Gloria says that they may not need to expose the video that Kevin illegally recorded.  But she tells Kevin not to destroy the video, just in case they need it.  I think that, regardless of Jack's alleged fraud, he should resign for pissing away his senatorial salary that the good people of Wisconsin are providing for him.

Victor tells Neil that his gut tells him that the audio recording is real, and that Jack is going down.

Jack visit Phyllis in prison.  They tell each other that they are miserable, Phyllis because she's in prison, and Jack because he's having facing fraud charges.  Phyllis is actually understanding and empathetic for once, and tries to comfort him.

Sharon and Brad meet at the club for dinner.  She convinces no one when she says that she supports Jack.

Gloria and Kevin are taking an online poll about whether Jack should lose his senate seat.  Gloria is making Kevin give her new screen names so that she can vote multiple times.  But really, all she needs to do is clear her cookies.  The only thing she rues about taking Jack down is the affect it will have on Sharon.  Gloria has always thought Sharon was the nicest person.

After the break, Gloria gets on the phone with a tabloid reporter.  She is trying to get an interview with them so she can further libel Jack's name.

Victor is on the phone with some unnamed senator.

Brad lays it on thick with Sharon.  He observes that she is scared of being with him because they have such an intense connection.  She gets uncomfortable and tells him to stop, but he says that he knows that they love each other and they will be together.  He reminds her that after her slip-up with kissing Nick, she went to Brad for advice instead of her husband.  Sharon, it seems, is embroiled in a love-square on The Young and the Restless.

Jack tells Phyllis that the reason why he doesn't want to come clean with his mistakes because Victor is behind it.  It wasn't too long ago that he considered Victor a friend, but he doesn't want Victor to have any satisfaction.  Phyllis advises him that lawyers love a remorseful sinner.  She says that when the public finds out that he wanted to save his father's company and he didn't make a penny from the deal, all will be forgiven, and Victor won't get the better of him.

Jack comes back from prison to find an empty house.  Sharon is still making moon eyes at Brad at the club.

Now it's Victor's turn to visit Phyllis.  Interesting that they didn't let Jack bring macaroons for her, but they let Victor bring his yellow lab into the cell.  You could train those dogs to do anything, but the prison staff apparently wasn't worried that it would aid in a Phyllis breakout.  Anyway, Victor offers Phyllis a deal.  If she testifies against Jack, then the governor might lessen or even commute her sentence.  Phyllis says that she can't screw over a friend like Victor can, and he reminds her of all the times when Jack screwed him over.  She still says she can't, but she looks conflicted.

Meanwhile, Jack is at home, drinking whiskey.  He collapses onto his bed and Sharon comes home.  They cuddle in bed.

Gloria and Kevin are still at the club.  Gloria flashbacks to a heated fight between her and Jack about his father.  After his father died, he kicked her out of the house and threw all her belongings out as well.  She considers that maybe she should release the video footage anyway, just for more revenge.

Jack and Sharon wake up.  They fell asleep in their clothes.  He tells Sharon that he's going to come clean about owning Jabot.  She's ecstatic.  He credits her morals for changing his mind.  He tells her that he still thinks he's not worthy of her.  Then, they make some time for some passionate sex.  This might be a good time for Noah to walk in on them.

Gloria calls Victor and asks to meet him tomorrow.  She hints that she may have proof to bring Jack down.

The episode ends with a 24-esque split screen of Sharon and Jack mid-sex, Victor, Brad and Gloria.

Next time on The Young and the Restless: Nick tells Sharon he still has feelings for her.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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