The Young and the Restless: September 17 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 17 Live Thoughts
A new week begins in Genoa City on The Young and the Restless.  Colleen and Adrian are making ready for Lily's divorce party.  Adrian is blowing up balloons and Colleen flirts.  Devon arrives with a buxom lady-friend named Roxanne, who he reports is also smart--she's a poli sci major who made the dean's list.

Jill and Amber are talking to a reporter about how Amber saved Jill from the fire.  (Last week, Jill was trapped in the steam room when the fire alarm went off and Amber let her out.)  The reporter recognizes Amber from her catwalk video and runs off to write her story.  Jill thanks Amber for saving her, and Amber asks her to tell Cane that Amber is not such a bad person.

Neil and Victoria finish up some business when Karen comes in.  Karen and Neil have plans for dinner that night, but because Neil has to go to Lily's divorce party, he invites Karen to come along.

Paul and JT are at the coffeehouse.  I guess JT is working for him.  Paul is points out that Victoria comes from money and JT and Paul do not.  Paul wants JT to slow down things with Victoria because they come from such different backgrounds.

JT suspiciously asks Paul if he is working for Victor, to try to break up JT and Victoria.  Paul is worried that the baby may not be JT's because all he's ever heard him say is "I'll love the baby as if it were my own."  JT isn't entirely sure if he's the father of the baby, but he says that Victoria is the best thing that's ever happened to him.  Paul reminds him that Colleen was too.  JT says that Victoria is so different than Colleen.  Colleen was always Ms. Serious, he says.

We cut to the Indigo where Colleen and Adrian are giggling together.  See what just happened there?  The camera tells us that Colleen is not always Ms. Serious.  Lily sees the giant enormous oil painting herself as a child that Devon brought.  She catches a glimpse of someone who looks like Daniel from behind and gets quiet.  But luckily it's not him.

Jill tells Cane that Amber saved her from the steam room.  Cane says dubiously that Amber will probably use this to take advantage of her.  The camera cuts to Amber, Kevin and Daniel hanging out at home.  Amber, drinking a product-placed Sprite, says, "I have to figure out how to use this to get Cane back."  Kevin, tries calling Jana at the hospital for the umpteenth time, but doesn't get through because she doesn't want to talk to him.  He says that he is going to a party at Indigo tonight, where Cane will probably pick up dozens of women.  The other two want to go to the party too, but Kevin says it's Lily's divorce party, so they probably don't want to come.  Daniel doesn't want Kevin to go.

Daniel is indignant that Kevin is actually going to go to a party that will celebrate his divorce.  Amber suggests crashing the party, but Daniel says no.  Kevin tries to call Jana again, and finally gets through.  Jana, who looks 100% recovered, even though it's probably been a few days since her brain surgery, tells Kevin to stop calling him.

The party is underway at Indigo.  Lily walks over to talk to Devon and Roxanne, who looks alarmingly like the little sis on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  (Ha!  It is her!  Tatyana Ali is guest starrin today and tomorrow!)  Lily is surprised to find out that they are dating, but Devon says that she was so wrapped up in her divorce that he didn't tell her.  Neil arrives with Karen, and Lily asks if they are dating as well.  Devon says no, they just work together.

Lily is obviously not having a lot of fun.  She goes to the bar and orders a cranberry juice, but then accidentally takes one that has vodka in it.  Ruh roh!  I predict some wacky drunken hijinx from her.  Or at least drunken confessionals of love for Daniel.  Seriously, though?  How can she not tell the difference in taste between cranberry juice and cran+vodka?  Whatever happens will be her own fault.  At that moment, Cane arrives at the party.  Meanwhile, JT and Paul are also planning to go to Indigo to investigate some stolen cars in Genoa City.

Victoria and JT are meeting for dinner and discussing their days.  Victoria tells him about her ecological fish project for Clear Springs.  JT tells her that he has a new client.

Paul and Detective Lady Maggie are at the party.  Heather comes by, happy to see a familiar face.  Maggie offers to introduce her to people, and Heather requests to meet male and single people.

Kevin arrives and talks to Colleen.  He feels very guilty for being at this party with the ex-spouses of both of his roommates.  Meanwhile, Daniel and Amber are at home thinking of synonyms for traitor.  Considering that these two have the collective IQ of less than 30, their word game doesn't last very long.  Amber calls Kevin at the party to see if Cane's at the party, and gets upset to find out that he is.  They console each other.

At the party, Lily and Cane flirt.  But then Heather approaches and thanks Cane for inviting her.  Two women vying for one hot Aussi promises something way more exciting than the corporate fraud that The Young and the Restless has been serving up lately.

Colleen tells Kevin to move on because Jana is clearly not being rational.

After watching a news report about how heroically Amber saved Jill, Amber decides that she has to crash the indigo party so that she try to get Cane back.  Daniel protests, but not strongly enough because Amber has already gone to her bedroom to change into a party outfit.

At the party, Lily is opening presents.  She looks way too sober.  Maybe the switch in the drinks was a red herring.  At that moment, JT and Victoria arrive, but JT was supposed to be on a stakeout.  Paul is royally pissed off that JT shirked his stakeout responsibility.  JT didn't think it was a big deal because the guy he was watching wasn't doing anything.  They get into a big shouting match that ends with Paul firing JT. 

Kevin is clearly not taking Colleen's advice, because he has just arrived at Jana's hospital room.  He says that he doesn't want to abandon her.  Jana says she is worried about the tumor coming back.  She doesn't want him to waste his life on her.  She feels that she deserves to be locked up, one way or another.  He tells her to move on with his life, but he says that his life is here with her.  She predicts that if he doesn't leave her now, he will leave her five or seven or ten years down the line, only then, he'll hate her.  He is adamant, however.  He kisses her , but she pulls away, saying, "I cawn't do this."  She walks out the door, again, surprisingly mobile and with a full head of hair, considering she just had brain surgery.

Devon has to go take care of something at work, and leaves with Roxanne.  Lily is at the table alone when Cane sits next to her.  He apologizes for not getting her a gift.  She says flirtily that she'll settle for a kiss.  He kisses her gently on the cheek, then they pause and look into each other's eyes and then go in for a full-on kiss.  Amber and Daniel walk in at that exact moment and witness the makeout session.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Colleen tells Amber to leave, Lily tells Cane that she wants to pretend the kiss never happened, Neil and Karen make out.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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