The Young and the Restless: September 14 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 14 Live Thoughts
Oh god, Evil Amber and Good-ish Amber are still arguing amongst herselves on The Young and the Restless today.  Good-ish Amber doesn't want to keep the money because she wants to get Cane back.

Speaking of Cane, he runs into Lily and Colleen and openly flirts with Lily.  They make cute small talk about their respective divorces.

And, as sad as I am to say this, we are back to the Phyllis storyline.  Nick and Victoria are at the office, waiting to have a meeting with their parents, Nikki and Victor.  Nick is on the phone with the prison trying to find out when he can talk to Phyllis again.  Victoria says that after their meeting, she can go to the prison to try to get an audience with Phyllis.  Nick says doubtfully that the only way they are going to have a meeting is if both Nikki and Victor show up.  At that moment, Victor walks in the door and asks where Nikki is.  Of course, Nikki is still in bed with David at his hotel room, basking in the glow of illicit sexual relations.

After the commercial break, Evil Amber tells Good-ish Amber to burn the money.  The plan is to get a big stash of shredded U.S. currency, enough to make it look like $700,000, mix it up with some of the stolen money, and burn the whole pile.  The police will find the money and close the case, and Amber will still walk away with a tidy profit.  Evil Amber considers Good-ish Amber to extend her stay in the hotel by one night, so she can continue the plan.

Victoria calls Nikki's cell.  Nikki is asleep, having clearly enjoyed another romp with David.  Nikki bails on the meeting and tells Victoria to have her secretary cancel the rest of her appointments today.  David must be a stallion if she's taking the whole day off.  Victor is pissed off to hear that Nikki will not be making the meeting.

Amber is at the coffeehouse, surfing the web for places to find shredded money.  Kevin comes over to badger her.  Amber tells Kevin not to get his "underwear in a bunch," and Kevin doesn't understand what that means.  Um, the phrase is "panties in a bunch," but it doesn't matter because Kevin would be too dumb to understand that anyway.  When he leaves, Amber calls a number to ask if she can get shredded currency "for her friend Maria's quinceanera."  She completely mangles the pronunciation.  Across the room, Cane is getting his full flirt on with Lily; Amber glares at them.

Victoria and Nick worry about their parents' marriage.  They decide to cooperate and talk to each parent separately.

Victor calls Nikki's cell, only to get her voicemail for the third time.  Our girl Nikki is still in bed with David.

Amber, having acquired the shredded money in a paper bag, comes home to find Daniel.  He notes the sketchy bag, and leaves to go to work.

Victoria calls Nikki.  Nikki, who is enjoying breakfast with her lover, decides to answer.  Meanwhile, across town, Nick meets with his father.  Nikki doesn't want to be in the same room as Victor, let alone talk to him.  She says that today is out of the question.  Victor agrees to meet, but only for Nick and Vic's sake.

Amber, after making sure that she will be home alone, takes a metal wastebasket and starts torching the shredded money and the stolen money.  Evil Amber is also present to cheerlead.

At the coffeehouse, Lily, Colleen and Adrian are still bashing their exes.  Heather Stevens comes over to say hi to Adrian.  Colleen observes to Heather that she's cute.  Adrian shifts uncomfortably in her seat and says, "I hadn't noticed."  Both Lily and Colleen say in unison, "Good answer."

Victor meets Nick and Victoria at the club for lunch.  He doesn't get angry at Nikki's absence, however, and just uses the opportunity to spend time with his children.

Amber sneaks back into her hotel room with the burned money.

Cane goes to the club bar and orders a beer.  Heather is also there, waiting for a takeout order.  She takes that opportunity to ask him questions about Amber.  There is some not-so-subtle flirting going on between the two.  Cane, that dog, invites her to Lily's party.

With Evil Amber's coaching, Good-ish Amber puts some of the money into a bag with a lit cigarette.  She puts it back into the airvent and waits for the smoke detector to go off.

The smoke detector finally goes off and Amber goes out to the hallway to see that the whole place is filled with smoke.  Everyone evacuates, including Nikki, still in her bathrobe, accompanied by David the stallion.  They do not go unnoticed by Victor.  Meanwhile, Jill is still in the steam room.  She tries to get out, but the door is stuck.  She panics, but Amber walks by and forces the door open.  Jill thanks her for saving her life.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jana thinks she's going to jail, Williams fires JT and Daniel refuses to crash Lily's divorce party.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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