The Young and the Restless: September 10 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless:  September 10 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins with Phyllis behind bars.  She makes small talk with the prison guard bringing her breakfast, and tries to weasel another phone call out of her.  No dice, though.  The prison guard is not to be persuaded.

Jack and Sharon are at home, discussing Ji Min's death.  Nick comes over with Summer to get Noah's immunization papers for school.  Noah really wants to talk to Phyllis and makes Nick call the prison.  I don't think the kid understands what prison is like.  He's turning into a little brat, actually.

After the opening credits, we are at the athletic club.  Sometimes I wonder if there are any other places for the cast of The Young and the Restless to hang out in this generic Wisconsin city.  Katherine and Paul are discussing Jabot when the detective comes over.  Katherine demands to know if there is any news on the cause of Ji Min's death, but she can only confirm that it appears that he fell and there is no evidence to external causes.

After the break, Jill and Cane are reminiscing about Ji Min.  It's funny; everyone talks about how Korean Ji Min was, except that Eric Steinberg is only half Korean.  It's not like the character of Ji Min was written to be someone who was from Korea.  Jill agrees to do an interview with the reporter who was supposed to interview Ji Min about his death, in hopes that keeping the story in the papers will keep the police on the case.

Paul and the detective discuss Ji Min's death off the record.  The detective thinks that his accident was staged.

Nick makes arrangements for Michael to go to prison to Phyllis.  Nick was supposed to hang out with Noah, but he wants Sharon to take Noah for the day.  Sharon also offers to look after Summer as well.  Nick looks like he's shirking his fatherly duties already.

The reporter is at Jill's now.  Jill is taking over where Ji Min left off, going public with the white-collar crimes that the Jabot executives engaged in.  Katherine walks in and tries to steer the reporter's attention elsewhere.

Nikki comes over to Jack's office at Jack's request.  Jack wants to get their stories straight and wrote up an official statement for them to use when talking to the press.  Nikki doesn't want to go along with Jack, but realizes it might be the smart thing to do.

Kay and Jill argue about going to the press.  Jill tells Kay that as soon as she finds the tape of Jack admitting that he owned Jabot, she's going straight to the reporter, whose name I just found out is Mr. Campbell.  Kay didn't know about the tape, but looks worried.

In prison, Phyllis demands an envelope and a stamp so she can send a letter to her family.  She is really spoiled and doesn't know how to stay on the guard's good side.  The guard tells her that she can't get a stamp until she earns it.  Michael and Nick have arrived at the prison and are meeting with the warden, aka. Monopoly Man.  Monopoly Man says that Phyllis has lost visiting privileges, so only her lawyer is allowed to see her.  Nick pretends to be Michael's co-counselor, so that he can sneak in to see Phyllis.

After commercials, Kay calls Jack on the phone to tell him about the tape Ji Min secretly recorded.  Jack is furious, and Kay speculates that Ji Min must have made a profit selling that tape to Victor.  Meanwhile, Jill goes over to Victor's to ask for the tape, but he plays coy and doesn't admit to knowing about it.

Mr. Campbell is now interviewing Jack about the tape, but Jack doesn't admit to anything.  Nikki and Kay talk about the tape too.

Monopoly Man checks Michael's and Nick's briefcases.  Of course, Nick's contains baby pacifiers and pictures of Phyllis and the baby, which he covers by saying that "Phyllis's husband" wanted him to bring it for her.  Monopoly Man says no.

Michael and Nick are escorted into Phyllis's cell.  Don't they have them meet like in the visiting area instead of her cell?  Everyone is entirely unconvincing in acting out their parts.  There is much non-humor in this scene when Nick and Phyllis start making out every time the hallway is free of guards.

Everyone else in Genoa City is trading places to talk about the tape.  Now it's Jack and Jill (ha!), and Nikki and Kay and Victor.  Predictably, Jack demurs while Jill piles on the emotional drama.  She vows to get the tape to expose him.  Victor plays it cool as well, not denying that the tape exists, but denying that he had anything to do with it.

Katherine and Jill are back at home.  I'm pleased to report that they are not talking about the damn tape, but about Jill's son Cane.

Michael instructs Phyllis to be a model prisoner so that she has a chance to get transferred to a prison closer to home.

Mr. Campbell, the reporter, tells Jill that he can't confirm any of the allegations against Jack.  He says that until he can get evidence, until he can get that tape, the story is dead.

Uh oh!  Michael is out talking to Monopoly Man trying to get him to reinstate Phyllis's privileges.  Monopoly Man gets a call on his cell phone and it looks like the gig is up.  The guard recognized Nick from a file in Phyllis's file, and now Nick is banned from the prison.  Phyllis freaks out.  I mean, I get that it blows to have to be in prison for six years, but hasn't she been in prison for like 45 minutes?

Cane, who is tried of getting in the middle of Jill's and Katherine's feud, pleads with them to stop fighting.

All of  a sudden, everyone happens to turn on the television at the same time.  Mr. Campbell has unearthed the elusive tape, and it is now on the evening broadcast, stunning the denizens of Genoa City.  Uh oh!

Next on The Young and the Restless: Nick doesn't want Noah living with Sharon and Jack until the Jabot scandal blows over.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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