The Young and the Restless: September 5 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 5 Live Thoughts
Today on The Young and the Restless, Ji Min is still on the floor, his heart stopped.  Jill cries over his (presumed) dead body.  Amber frantically calls the ambulance.

Turns out I have underestimated Summer's little cough and slight fever.  Dr. Logan tells Nick and crew that she has RSV, which is very contagious.  At the prison, Phyllis asks to make a phone call, but gets shut down by the mean, large prison guard lady.

After the opening credits, we find that paramedics have come to Ji Min's room.  They use the defibrillator on his chest, but to no avail.  Looks like he is dead as a doornail.

Nick is holding Summer and Victoria comes to see him.  Summer is very contagious to other babies, but thankfully not to those in utero, so Victoria's fetus is safe.  Lauren is concerned about her own child, so she goes home to check on him.  Amber calls Michael in a panic because she doesn't know what to do about the new developments in the Ji Min saga.

Does Jack do no work, like, ever?  He takes time out of his busy senatorial schedule to stop by the hospital to say soothing words to Summer.

Phyllis, looking smashing in her khaki jumpsuit, makes small talk with Mean, Large Prison Guard Lady.  Mean, Large Prison Guard Lady informs her that she will be informed in a corrective classes that will correct her of lifelong criminal thinking and anger management.

Michael arrives at the athletic club to meet Amber.  I gotta say, Adrienne Frantz might want to enroll in some acting classes because her panicky schtick is not working for me.

Cane is playing the dutiful son, comforting Jill about Ji Min's untimely death.  He gets a call from Katherine during his talk with Jill. 

After the commercial break, Katherine comes to the athletic club to talk to Jill.  Jill is immediately suspicious of Katherine's motives, but Katherine just wants to tell her that even though Ji Min didn't deserve Jill, he still didn't deserve to die.  She is actually very kind.

Amber, with Michael by her side, is telling her account of what happened to the police and the assistant D.A. Heather.  Amber spills the beans that Ji Min might have stolen the money and that it might be in his room, but Michael interrupts Amber.  Michael has to leave to make a few phone calls and instructs Amber not to do or say anything without him.

Jack finds Daniel in the hospital waiting room.  Daniel is working on his laptop on the report he needs to do for Jack, but Jack says that the report can wait.  Seriously, the man is a senator: does he do no work at all?  Lauren comes in with her son.  She thinks he feels warm and wants him to be examined by Dr. Logan.

Finally, Mean, Large Prison Guard Lady has finished setting up Phyllis's schedule.  Mean, Large Prison Guard Lady relents and allows Phyllis to make one phone call to check on her daughter.  Phyllis makes a collect call, but immediately gets Nick's voicemail.  Bummer.

The (really hot) detective questions Jill about her side of the story.  Jill says that she found her ex-daughter-in-law Amber over Ji Min, but not moving anything around or touching him.  The hot detective informs her that a forensics team is upstairs determining the cause of death right now.  Ooh, that would be cool: The Young and the Restless and CSI crossover event!

Amber and Carson scheme about the $700,000 in Ji Min's room.  If the police investigate and find the money there, then she'll be in the clear.  If they find it before the police does, then they can make a tidy profit.

Dr. Logan checks out Lauren's son, but finds that he doesn't have RSV.  I looked up RSV on and it is a real disease: "The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) causes an illness that usually resembles a moderate to severe cold and is very contagious. RSV most often goes away on its own and does not cause major health concerns. This infection can become a problem when it is severe or leads to complications. Babies (especially those born prematurely), people with immune system problems, people with heart or lung problems, and older adults have an increased risk of developing complications from RSV infection."

Phyllis, aka Prisoner # 45890, asks the warden, who looks like the Monopoly Man, for another phone call, even though she told Mean, Large Prison Guard Lady that she wouldn't ask for another favor again.  Monopoly Man is even meaner than M,LPGL and tells her that she must earn her privileges.

The detective has a few more questions for Amber.  Amber asks her if the police have found the money yet, and assistant D.A. Heather pipes up that they haven't found anything yet.  What kind of incompetent police do they have in Genoa City?  If I recall, Ji Min was hurriedly kicking some large bills under the bed when Jill came in unexpectedly.  You're telling me that they couldn't find that?

At the hospital, Dr. Logan reports that Summer is on the mend.  At the prison, Phyllis tries to sneak in a phone call sans permission, but gets caught red-handed by Monopoly Man.  Ruh roh!

Coming up on The Young and the Restless: Victor cuts a deal with with Nikki, Jana is back, and Cane tells off Jack.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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