The Young and the Restless: October 31 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 31 Live Thoughts
Today on The Young and the Restless, Phyllis is back in prison, in her khaki jumpsuit after her first day back from work-release.  Rev. Anderson, the prison chaplain, comes in to check on how Phyllis is adjusting to working on the outside.

Victor tells Nick that he's hired some private investigators to find out what caused the accident in Clear Springs.  If it was sabotage, then Victor is concerned that the vendetta against the Newmans has been upped.  Please!  I can't take anymore family vendettas!  There's too much of that already occurring on Days of our Lives already.     

Nikki, still sans makeup, rips into JT for wanting to hire a DJ instead of a band for his wedding.  Paul and Maggie come in to see how Victoria is doing.  JT hasn't left his fiancee's bedside, and refuses to leave until Victoria wakes up.

Jack and Sharon are by Noah's bedside when Jack gets a call.  It looks like bad news.  The press now knows that he's the prime suspect in Ji Min's homicide.

Nikki and Paul agree that JT looks like hell, and tell him to go home and rest and clean up.  He doesn't want to go because he's afraid that he won't be there if she wakes up, but he finally agrees.  This allows Nikki to have some time alone with her daughter.

Out in the hallway, Jack runs into Maggie.  He accuses her of leaking his bad news to the press, but she says it wasn't her.  She intends to find out.

Phyllis doesn't want to talk to the chaplain.  She's in a bad mood, and cracks jokes to hide her unease.  He presses her to talk, so she complains that although she's allowed to spend ten hours a day at the computer, she's not allowed to spend ten minutes to see her step-son.

Noah is upset that he's going to miss Halloween.  Luckily, Nick waltzes in with a spectacular, swashbuckling Three Musketeers-type costume and a bag full of candy.

Paul promises Victor that he will find out who was involved with the collapse, and he'll continue to investigate David Chow.

JT sees Adrian and Colleen in the hallway on his way home.  Adrian is in a bathrobe, walking with a crutch.  Adrian feels responsible for slowing Victoria down, due to the rebar in his leg, but JT tells him not to beat himself up.

In prison, Phyllis and Jana see a news report about Jack's involvement with Ji Min's death.

Noah is gorging on candy when Jack comes in bearing Halloween cookies.

Adrian talks to Nikki about his injury in Victoria's room.  Nikki gives him a minute alone with Victoria.  Adrian thanks Victoria for all her help underground.

Nikki tells Victor that David had no part in the accident, but Victor is not so sure.  He assures her that whoever was responsible for putting their daughter in a coma is going to suffer.  This makes me want to write some fanfic for The Young and the Restless, in which Victor morphs into a dark avenger with superpowers.

JT blows up at David in the hallway of the hospital about his relationship with Joe Boddington.  David says that he had nothing to do with any kickbacks or any illegal.  He threatens to sue JT for slander if he continues to publicly accuse him.

Noah and Nick play video games when Nikki comes in with more treats.  He's cool with not being able to go trick-or-treating because everyone's bringing him so much candy to his bed.

Phyllis is getting pissy at Jana for bad-mouthing Jack.  Jana has inherited Gloria's vendetta against Jack, and Phyllis doesn't want to hear any of it.

Jack rehashes his harrowing experience underground to Sharon, and laments the bashing he is now receiving from the press.  He tells her that for her and Noah's sake, he is considering giving up his seat in the senate.  All of a sudden, Jack sees his dead father, John Abbott, sitting next to Sharon, who tells him that he did not raise a quitter.  Sharon tells Jack that she appreciates his sentiment for quitting, but giving up his seat could easily be misconstrued as an admission of guilt.

In prison, Jana asks Phyllis if she's mad at her.  Jana reminds her how hurt and upset Gloria was to be cut out of John's will.  Phyllis gets up and asks to speak to the chaplain.

Nick talks to Victoria-in-a-coma about some of his childhood memories.  He, and all the rest of us, beg her to wake up so that they can move the storyline along.

Nikki checks on David to see how he's holding up, considering all the accusations that are being hurled against him.

Victor goes to church and prays for Victoria's recovery.  He promises to do anything possible to save her life, but he needs help from a higher power.

Phyllis has a sit-down meeting with the chaplain.  She brings up John's incarceration, and how he must have re-evaluated his life while in prison, which caused him to write Gloria out of his will.

Jack finds out from his lawyer that there is no conclusive evidence that the dog hair found on Ji Min's body came from Fisher at all.  The only thing that they know is that the hair came from a yellow-haired dog.  There was no DNA test done.

JT comes back, showered and dressed, and carrying a guitar.  He walks in on Nick, who is talking and laughing about the time Victoria blew up a pumpkin with one of his firecrackers.  JT is disappointed to see that there is no change in Victoria's condition, however.

Nick takes Noah around the hospital in a wheelchair to trick-or-treat from the nurses' stations.  They have Phyllis on the phone.  Phyllis tells him that he's a great dad.

In Victoria's room, JT is by her side again.  He sings to the fetus.  Meanwhile, Nikki has joined Victor at church and sits down next to him on the pew.  This is an awfully small church, with only two rows of pews in the room.  Wasn't it just two weeks ago when Nikki had

Jack is really angry that the press would defame his character with only the flimsiest of evidence.  He stops short when he realizes that Victor Newman also has a yellow dog, and immediately jumps to the conclusion that Victor must have had something to do with Ji Min's death.  Jack, pal, isn't this exactly the sort of unproven conclusion that you were so mad at the press for making?

Next on The Young and the Restless: Paul talks to Maggie about his daughter Heather, Cane has drinks with Heather.

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