The Young and the Restless: October 26 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 26 Live Thoughts
Yesterday's The Young and the Restless ended with a big shock.  Seriously, folks, I was just sitting here watching and writing about all that was going on.  Victoria Newman was in good spirits and was about to be rescued.  Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a piece of debris fall and hits her in the head, knocking her unconscious.  I seriously gasped out loud, startling everyone sitting around me.

The Young and the Restless continues today as Nick updates Lauren and Michael about what happened to Victoria, just as Victoria is being wheeled in to the hospital.  She's still unconscious and doesn't have any response to pain.  They don't know the condition of teh baby, however.  And we cut to credits, which are the normal credits, not the "Out of the Ashes" scenes that we've been seeing all week.

Sharon, walking with a crutch, is by Noah's side when he gets a call from Jack from the ER.  He seems to be fine, apart from bruises and a possible concussion.  Noah comes out of the anesthesia and Sharon tells him to rest.

Victoria is being wheeled to a room with an ultrasound monitor as JT watches anxiously.  Adrian's leg wound is being tended to by a doctor.  Brad Carlton was also medivacced to Genoa City Hospital.  Neil is giving the press updates; Karen joins him and asks if he needs help.

Brad hurt his eyes in the explosion, but he's too distracted by Victoria's condition to cooperate with the doctor.  Colleen offers to go find out news on Victoria for him.

Lauren and Michael join Sharon by Noah's bedside.  I really hope the current child actor who plays Noah has some time to go outside and play because I would really hate for him to succumb to childhood obesity.

Colleen goes to see Adrian who asks her to take a picture of himself with her cell phone for posterity.  Is it just me or is Adrian kind of a wimp here?  He's very whiny about the piece of rebar in his leg.  But, I guess I would be too.

The doctor tells the Newmans and JT that there are some irregularities with the baby's heartbeat, but they hope that it will fix itself.  But they don't know why Victoria is still unconscious, and they don't know what's keeping her unconscious.

Jack and Sharon go out to the waiting room to see Nick.  Everyone is very sad about Victoria and Noah.  Jack goes up to see Noah, just as Noah asks for him.  Lauren leaves to go find the nurse, but as she leaves the room, she has a mini silent panic attack.

Neil and Karen sit down at the hotel cafe.  Neil's very concerned about Victoria.  Karen urges him to go upstairs to rest, but he doesn't want to go until he hears how Victoria is doing.  The doctor informs the Newmans and JT that the baby's heartrate has stabilized and Victoria's blood pressure is getting back to the normal zone.  He leaves to do a CAT scan on her.

Karen brings Neil some decaf.  Neil thinks about how it was so likely that his family could have been in the accident as well.  Karen alludes to some dark memories of her own, but she won't elaborate.

Maggie and Paul finally arrive home to Genoa City.  Maggie says that Noah rocked while they were all underground, and Paul asks her if she's ever thought about having kids.  She responds by taking his shirt off and kissing him madly.  They are all kinds of hot.

Brad's at the hospital with a huge white bandage covering his eyes.  He says that his eyes were hurt, but there isn't going to be any permanent damage.  He tells Sharon that he would give both of his eyes if he could help Victoria get better.

Nikki, Victor and JT watch as Victoria gets wheeled into the CT room.

Jack and Sharon go to Noah's room.  Noah can't remember the details of his adventure.  Jack tells him that he was scared big time, but it's normal to be scared in a scary situation.  Jack tells Noah that he's so proud that Noah was brave, helping Lauren throughout.  Sharon tells her son that Jack saved hers and Nick's lives.  Jack makes a really touching speech about how the thought of seeing Noah and Sharon again was the only thing that kept him going.

Lauren is back at home with Michael and Gloria.  Lauren is going over the details of her horrifying experience.  She still looks very shaken up.  She says that Paul was the only thing that kept her from screaming.

Maggie and Paul are post coitus on that very manly leather couch, and Paul says that talking to Lauren helped him as much as it helped her.  He tells her that he really cares about Lauren and will always care about her.  This is an odd thing to be telling a woman who is lying naked on top of him.

Adrian tells Colleen about his experience underground.  And then Nick tells JT about how he and Jack had to draw straws to be the one to stay back.  JT is blaming himself for asking Victoria to come up to Clear Springs in the first place.

Victor recounts his experience of saving Jack to Nikki.  Nikki wishes that Victor had alerted someone as soon as he saw Jack instead of carrying him out because that might have saved Victoria a few seconds and saved her from being hit by the falling debris.  But Victor has a heart after all and says that he wouldn't have been able to live with himself if he had just left Jack to die.

At the Fenmore-Baldwin's, everyone is playing with baby Fen, which makes Lauren realize how much she would have missed this if she had died.

Maggie tells Paul that she's really grateful for him.  She tells him that he may never get such a heartfelt confession from her again, so he's better soak it in.  They continue to kiss.

Jack finds Victor in the hospital waiting room and thanks him for saving his life.  Victor says that since Jack did everything to save Nick's life, they can call it even.  The doctor comes to tell them all the results of Victoria's tests.  The CT scan doesn't show any damage to Victoria's brain, but she's still in a coma because there might be microscopic damage that won't show up on a CT or an MRI.  There's nothing they can do but wait now, but the doctor is hopeful because Victoria's vitals are all good.

Karen tells Neil about a scary encounter with a moose in a canoe.  He appreciates that she told him the story to get his mind off things.  But Victor calls him with news of Victoria.

JT asks the nurse if he can sit with her, but she won't let him because he's only the fiancé and not family.

Now, we get a montage of scenes: Michael and Lauren watching Fen play; Nick, Jack and Sharon at Noah's bedside; Colleen looking worried over Adrian; Karen comforting Neil; Maggie and Paul still making out; Nikki, still makeupless and disheveled, crying on David's shoulder; Victor  crying at Victoria's bedside; and finally, JT listening to the mixtape he had made for Victoria.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jill is back to threatening Jack, Victor wants to help his daughter.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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