The Young and the Restless: October 25 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 25 Live Thoughts
Today on The Young and the Restless, Sharon, in a wheelchair, and Nick are waiting in a hospital waiting room to hear news about Noah's recovery.  The doctors haven't yet told them anything about his prognosis.  Sharon is still sad and scared that Jack is still down there alone.  The doctor comes out to tell them that Noah has a few cracked ribs and a ruptured spleen.  They are going to try to repair the spleen, but it doesn't look good and they might have to remove it.

Colleen rushes up to Clear Springs with one of Adrian's sweaters for the dogs to sniff.  Colleen is in a panic about both Adrian and her uncle Jack.  Kevin tries to reassure her that he'll be okay.

Neil is doing a press conference at the construction site.  He says that ten people have been rescued so far, but there are still people trapped underground.  JT finds out that nobody has seen Victoria's car.  Some rescue workers have recovered some personal items in the rubble and bring them over for him to identify.  Nikki recognizes that it's Victoria's purse and begins to wail with grief.

Nick finds out that Victoria's purse was recovered.  He begins to think the worst.  It's Sharon's turn to help him think positively.

Underground, Jack is unconscious, but still probably alive.

JT can't stand waiting around for the rescue team to find Victoria, but Victor talks him out of doing anything to endanger her life.  Underground, Victoria is still alive and seemingly unhurt.  She has found a flashlight, and is calling out for Adrian.  At the surface, rescue workers have pulled out a Caucasian male who they pronounced dead.  We don't know who it is, however, and Colleen is afraid that it might be Adrian or Jack.

Neil is answering the questions from the press about the male fatality.  JT says hi to a weeping Colleen.  JT tells her that Victoria and Adrian are probably trapped underground because they found Vic's purse.

At the hospital, Nick tells Sharon about the first dead guy.  I have to say that Joshua Morrow is really working the scruffy look.  He's been growing on me lately, and I'm really digging his look right now.  Sharon calls Nikki to ask who the dead guy is.  JT identifies him as Joe Boddington, the construction supervisor.  Sharon and Nick are relieved to hear this.

Underground, Victoria's baby is kicking inside her.  There's some commotion in the corner and Adrian comes to and digs his way out.  He's got a big cut on his face, but otherwise looks okay.  Neither has a cell phone.  They are glad that they have each other in this tragic predicament.

Colleen asks JT what it's like underground, and if he got hurt.  She's glad that he's okay.  He hopes Adrian is alright, and she hopes Victoria is safe too.  Adrian is moving concrete blocks around to dig their way out.  Victoria is worried about their air supply.  Adrian says that he has read every book about the aftermaths of 9/11 and Katrina, so he's an expert at surviving tragic events.  Victoria knows that her father and her family will do whatever it takes to rescue her.  She's tired and closes her eyes for a moment.  The only thing I can think of that would make this storyline even better and more dramatic if The Young and the Restless had Victoria go into premature labor while underground.

Victor has ordered high-tech camera equipment to help with the rescue efforts.  The head of the rescue team says that the methane levels are rising, so he's going to have to ask everyone to vacate the premises.  The more the methane gas accumulates, the higher the likelihood that there will be an explosion, both aboveground and underground.

The nurse comes out to the waiting room at the hospital to tell Nick and Sharon that they had to replace two units of blood for Noah and they are going to proceed with a spleenectomy.

At the site, the rescue team evacuates all the bystanders.  JT convinces Colleen to leave to go to the cafe as well.  Victor tells Nikki that she should leave as well, but Nikki fights it.

Adrian and Victoria take a break from digging, and talk about what they are going to do when they get out.  Adrian wants to learn how to play the flute, and Victoria wants to be a mom.

The camera has made its way to Adrian and Victoria, and they are ecstatic to know that they'll be rescued soon.  However, the camera cuts out, and immediately afterwards, a gigantic methane explosion occurs aboveground, tossing rescue workers around like leaves blowing in the wind.  Uh oh.  Victor confirms with the head of the rescue team that the explosion ate up a lot of the methane, which will take a while to build up again.  He takes that as his green light to run underground to rescue someone.

Underground, Victoria and Adrian are still alive, but Adrian has an unfortunate piece of rebar piercing his thigh.  The explosion made an opening in the rubble, and Victoria helps a screaming Adrian to walk out.

Meanwhile, Victor goes underground and sees Jack lying face-down on the ground.

The doctor tells Sharon and Nick that Noah's surgery went really well.  He's in recovery and his vitals are stable.  But Sharon, ever the pessimist, can only focus on the bad.  Without a spleen, Noah is going to be susceptible to infections for the rest of his life.

Victor pulls Jack out to the entrance and the paramedics take him away.  Jack's still unconscious.  JT runs down to look for Victoria and Adrian, who have hobbled their way near the entrance as well.  Victoria runs out, and JT helps Adrian, who is still screaming in pain.  Victoria gets to the surface, but just as she thinks she's safe, the structure crumbles some more above her, and she is hit by pieces of rubble.  She falls to the ground, unconscious, as I gasp in shock.  Golly, can't the girl catch a break?

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victoria is in the hospital, Brad hurt his eyes in the explosion.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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