The Young and the Restless: October 24 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 24 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless continues with the rescue effort still in progress.  Victoria is still missing, as are Amber and Jack.  Daniel leaves a third message for Amber, but she can't answer the phone because she is knocked out, unconscious in her car, with blood streaming down her face.  Nikki and Brad continue to worry about Victoria.

Jill, unhurt, runs to the construction site and asks Nikki if she's seen Katherine and Cane.  JT had asked Cane to meet him, and all three are not answering their phones.  Paul runs to tell the police about them.  Underground, Katherine is in pain and tells Cane and JT to leave her behind, as she is just slowing their progress.  They insist that they are not leaving her behind.

Amber wakes up in a shock in the car.  The doors are stuck and she can't get out.  She screams and cries hysterically, and slams on the horn, but that just triggers a mini avalanche of debris.

Nikki gives a sweater to the head of the rescue team.  They are going to send in dogs to sniff out her scent.  Jill asks Paul what it's like underground.  Paul says that there are many safe spots where nothing can fall, and assures her that Cane is familiar with the structure.  Also, he says that Katherine is one tough broad who is not about to let falling cement get the best of her.

Amber kicks the windshield out with her feet and climbs out of the car.  She's going crazy, talking and yelling to herself.  She swears never to park underground again.  She remembers that she forgot her design sketchs in the car and goes back to the car to get them, but she is prevented by falling rocks.

Jill tells Nikki that she's not sure that Katherine can survive underground, but Nikki says that Katherine is tougher than the two of them put together.  Nikki looks kind of weird without makeup on.

Cane, Katherine and JT make their way into an elevator.  Cane hoists JT up to the ceiling so he can check out the panel above.  Katherine convinces them that she is fine in the elevator for now, and the two boys should go and find a way out, and then come back for her.  JT and Cane climb up a network of pipes in the elevator shaft.  They are pretty spry.  As they reach an opening to climb out, they are met with a thunder of crumbing concrete, but they make it out to the next floor.

Jack, meanwhile, is still crawling around, looking for a way out.  He stops when a big slab nearly falls on him, and notices that there are papers on the floor.  He coughs an old man cough, and takes a pen out to write a letter on the papers.

Kevin tells Daniel to be patient.  Kevin says that Amber is the master of getting into dangerous situations, but she always manages a way out.

Amber makes her way over to Katherine's elevator shaft, and they hug, so happy to see each other.  Katherine tells her that Cane and JT climbed up the shaft and that Amber should do the same.  Amber tells her that she's not leaving her.  As The Young and the Restless promised, enemies look to each other for help during this time of crisis!

Victor is on the phone telling management to make sure all the family of the victims have free lodging.  Neil comes in and tells everyone that another victim has been rescued.

Amber searches her purse for something to help Katherine and finds a candy bar.  She insists that Katherine eat it, lying that she had already gobbled down two.  I'm not sure that being in an elevator is the safest place for them to be.  Amber pulls out a brooch and affixes it to Cane's jacket that Katherine is wearing.  The elevator starts to creak and the women agree that they have to find another place to stay.

Turns out the rescued victims are JT and Cane who climbed out.  Cane tells them that Katherine Chancellor are still down there and has broken bones.  JT asks if Victoria's okay, but Nikki says that she's still missing.  JT and Cane want to go back down there to get Katherine, but the rescue team doesn't let them.  But Cane is convincing, and flashes his membership and training in the Australian Emergency Response as proof that he is qualified to go back down there.  The rescue team agree, and Cane leaves to get suited up.

Amber and Katherine have moved to a different location.  Amber has scrounged floor mats to sit on and a pair of fuzzy dice from a car.  Katherine acknowledges that Amber still has a soft spot in her heart for Cane.  Amber explains that she did love him, but she felt so insecure that she did whatever dumb thing that came to her mind to keep his attention.  Katherine sympathizes and tells her that every dumb mistake she ever made in her life involved dumb men.  They are actually very endearing, bonding together over their bad choices.  Amber says that she regrets a lot of things she did when she was married to Cane, but she was never unfaithful to him.  And now she's learning from her mistakes.  She's not expecting forgiveness, but she just wants everyone to know that she never meant to hurt him.

Cane is suited up in rescue gear and an oxygen tank and goes back underground.  Brad asks JT where Victoria might have been.  Nikki and Jill have an unlikely moment of bonding over their children in danger.

Amber goes off to find a blanket for Katherine, but Katherine asks her not to stop wandering off for her own safety.  Katherine tells her that they are both a lot alike, but Amber needs to forgive herself before she needs forgiveness from Katherine or Cane.  If she doesn't forgive herself, she'll continue to make mistakes.  Katherine is very sweet to her.  They hear Cane's voice!  He's coming to the rescue!  Katherine tells Cane that Amber was very good company and took care of her.  The rescue team lowers down a harness for Katherine to sit in, and they hoist her up the elevator shaft.

Katherine is taken up and put on a stretcher.  Nikki is so happy to see her safe, and tells her that she's going to complain that life will be boring after this.  Jill is proud of Cane for going in, but Cane says that he made up his rescuing credentials.  Jill is furious with him for lying like that.  Amber is also above ground now, and snapping jokes left and right with Daniel and Kevin.  After a moment, Amber starts to cry in earnest.

Underground, Jack crawls through a small opening.  There are live electrical wires sparking behind him.  He sits down to rest, but hears loud crashes.  He pulls out the letter he wrote to Sharon that he wrote on the back of a grand opening flyer.  It's a love letter to Sharon.  The thought of her is the only thing keeping him going now.  I passes out, clutching the letter.

Next on The Young and the Restless: The rescue effort continues.

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