The Young and the Restless: October 22 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 22 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless opens the week with the camera panning across all the wreckage in the parking garage at Clear Springs.  Car alarms are going off, and there is wreckage and rubble everywhere.  Sharon is knocked out but wakes up in a panic, struggling to breathe.  In prison, Phyllis watches a news report about the collapse with a look of horror on her face.  She gets up immediately and calls Nick's phone, but gets his voicemail.  Fortunately, he's still alive, but it doesn't look good.  Nick wakes up and hear Jack coughing.  Jack is near him and Nick goes to pull him out from under a concrete block.  They both call out for Sharon.
Instead of the usual opening credits, there are images of the collapse.

Nikki is on the phone with Victor who is concerned for Nikki's safety.  He tells her to get away from the building, but she doesn't want to leave without Nick who isn't answering his cell phone.  Victor hangs up and immediately gets a call from Phyllis who begs him to do what he can to help Nick.

Jack and Nick locate Sharon, whose leg is seriously injured.  The whole scene is very dramatic, without the sound of live electrical wires sizzling everywhere.

David and Nikki are okay since they weren't underground when the collapse happened.  They are both on the phone trying to locate Nick.  Victor calls Nikki and warns her that this might be another case of sabotage, and doesn't want Nikki to go into the casino for her own safety.

Jack finds some pieces of wood to tie onto Sharon's leg for a splint.  Nick fans should rejoice because he takes his shirt off to tie the splint.  Nick yells and makes noise to try to attract rescuers, but Jack says that they can't wait to be found.  He's afraid of methane gas seeping in and killing them all.

Phyllis is still on the phone, trying to get through to Nick.  This time, she calls Sharon to see if she knows where Nick is, but Sharon isn't answering either.  Jana tells her that there is no procedure for releasing her.  She tries Jack's cell next.  In the parking garage, Jack hear's his phone ringing, but they can't find it.  Sharon has hers, but it is broken.  Jack and Nick fight over which way to exit, but Nick's choice of exit immediately collapses further and is blocked.

Nikki is at a restaurant, asking the maitre d' if Nick, Jack or Sharon had dinner there.  Victor calls Nikki to tell her that the phone networks are overloaded and that Nick and Victoria might be trying to call her.  David tries to help Nikki calm down.

Victor tells Neil about the disaster at Clear Springs.  Nobody know anything right now, whether it was an accident or sabotage, and whether there are any casualties.  Victor is heading up there.

Sharon, Nick and Jack are making there way out, but Sharon's leg forces them to take a break.  Nick leaves to check out the rest of the way.  Sharon gets discouraged and worries that there aren't going to be any search parties.  Sharon is just glad that Paul took Noah fishing and is probably safe.  Nick helps to distract Sharon from the pain in her leg.  Nick comes back and asks Jack to check out the exit as well.  They both agree that there is no way that the three of them are going to make it out there.  Nick offers to stay back.

Phyllis is cooking up a plan to break out of prison, but Jana yells at her not to do anything stupid.  Even though she gets out on her work-release tomorrow, but she wants to get out right now.  Instead, she calls Daniel and asks him to drive up to Clear Springs and see what's going on.  He agrees, but only if she promises not to try to pull a Wentworth Miller.

Back in the parking garage, only two people can leave the garage because one person has to use a pipe as a lever to hold the exit open while the other two leave.  Each person argues that he or she wants to be the one to stay, but they decide to pull straws to decide.  Jack picks the short straw; Jack tells Sharon that it's going to be alright.

Neil tells Brad about the collapse.  Brad calls Sharon to see if she's alright, and the two men leave Genoa City to go up to Clear Springs.

Jack tells Sharon that if anything goes wrong, she must remember how much he loves her.  She tells him she loves him too.  Nick promises to find a way to get back.  Jack tells him not to come back if it's too dangerous.  Nick thanks for Jack for helping him over the snowdrift when he was eight, and thanks Jack for helping him to become the man that he is.  He promises to come back fro Jack.  Jack and Nick heave the concrete block up with a pipe as Sharon slides underneath.  Nick quickly scrambles under as well, leaving Jack trapped inside.

Brad and Neil drive up to Clear Springs together while they listen to the radio reports of the wreckage.  Brad calls Nikki to ask if she's heard from Sharon.  Nikki, weeping and with her mascara running down her face, explains that she hasn't heard from Sharon or Nick, and she tells him how horrible the implosion was.  After he gets off the phone, Neil tells Brad that even though Brad's got a thing for Sharon, it was insensitive of him to ask Nikki about Sharon when she's going crazy with worry over her son.  Brad gets very defensive about the insinuation about him and Sharon.

David and Nikki hear that somebody is coming out of the garage and run to see who it is.  It's Nick and Sharon.  Nick tells the rescue team that Jack is still trapped back in the structure.  The put Sharon on a stretcher and wheel her away.  Nikki and Nick have a tearful reunion.  The rescuer asks if there was anyone else with them because they had received a 911 call from Paul Williams who said that he was trapped with two other adults and a 10-year-old boy named Noah Newman who is seriously injured.  Sharon and Nick panic when they hear this news.  Sharon screams and Nick tries to run back underground to save his son.

That's it for The Young and the Restless today.  Again, there aren't any scenes from the next The Young and the Restless, but you can be sure that there will be more heart-pounding drama from the wreckage.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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