The Young and the Restless: October 19 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 19 Live Thoughts
Today is the episode of The Young and the Restless that we've all been waiting for.  Victoria and JT are going through her new baby naming book and thinking up names for the baby.  JT like Vlad, Victoria likes Mario, but somehow, I doubt that they are going to pick these names.  Victoria takes the box with her huge garnet engagement ring out and tells her that she's not going to be scared anymore.  JT puts the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Amber is working on some sketches for her designs.  Amber wants to convince Lauren to showcase her work for the opening of Fenmore's, and she'll have her album recorded as well.

The rest of the denizens of Genoa City have assembled in Clear Springs.  Katherine has come up to check up on Cane.  Lauren and Maggie discuss the autumnal beauty of Wisconsin.  Paul is still there as well.

Jack, Sharon, Nick and Noah are also up at the Clear Springs hotel.  Noah and Sharon are telling Nick what they've been doing in Clear Springs so far.  Nick agrees that Cassie's Challenge is a go at Jack's casino.

Nikki parks her car in the cleanest, emptiest parking garage ever.  David greets her and tells her that all the stores will be open on time for the grand opening, but Nikki gives the bad news that Victor called in her loan, which means the resort will not be ready for the grand opening, if ever.

Noah and Nick make plans to go to the skate park.  Phyllis calls Nick, and Noah commandeers the phone to tell her that Jack is going to let him stuff envelopes at work so they can see each other.  Noah sees Lauren and Paul and Maggie and runs off the say hi to them.  Nick isn't happy to find out that Jack is a person of interest in Ji Min' death.

In the parking garage, David tells Nikki, who has fabulous hair today, that he has some contacts who might be able to save Nikki of her financial woes.  Katherine and Cane are in the garage as well, to meet JT.  Nikki privately asks Katherine if Chancellor Industries can loan her the capital that she lost when Victor pulled the plug on his funds.  Katherine agrees to give Nikki an extension on the amount that she currently owes her, but says that her company cannot afford to take over the entire loan.

Nick asks Lauren to watch Noah for an hour because he wants to talk to Jack without Noah around.  Lauren is concerned about the development because the condo aren't selling.

Adrian has arrived at Clear Springs.  He's supposed to tour the town with Victoria, but he has to get some of his manuscript to his editor.  He leaves to go print it out from a copy shop.  Can't he just email it?  Why must he fax it?  This is 2007.  Adrian and Victoria plan to meet in the parking garage after he's done with his business.  Victoria jokes to Nikki that she's going to name her son Bubba, and shows her that she's wearing her new engagement ring.

Katherine calls Victor and begs him not to pull the run out from under Nikki's business, but he stands firm.

Daniel brings Summer over to prison to see Phyllis.  He got a B+ on his hardest class.  Phyllis is so excited about going to work tomorrow and has been dreaming of having a good bagel for weeks.  If she wants a good bagel, she's going to have to leave Wisconsin, and I think that's against the rules.

Noah doesn't want to hang out with Lauren, so Paul offers to take him fishing for the afternoon.  Lauren and Maggie plan to tour the new stores.

Nikki tells Nick that Victor called in her loan.  Nick promises to talk to Victor.

JT reports to Katherine and Cane that the cement was overmixed with water, meaning all the concrete poured is unsafe.  Katherine and Cane plan to look into the matter quietly so as not to cause more public outcry and to avoid lawsuits.

Amber has arrived at Clear Springs and brings Lauren's plans.  Lauren is so grateful that she insists on paying her for the day.  Amber takes the opportunity to show her the designs she was working on.  She also gives her a CD of her songs to use for the fashion show.  Lauren promises that Amber will definitely have a presence at the opening.

Nick calls Victor and rips into him for what he did to Nikki.  But Victor just tells him to stay out of the matter and hangs up on him.

Nikki asks Jack to loan her the money for her resort.  She tries to convince him that it's in his best interest not to have Victor own the development.  But he can't get his hands on that kind of cash to save her.

JT's down in what looks like the parking garage inspecting the concrete walls.  He finds a huge crack in one of the walls.  Uh oh!  This is it.  This is what The Young and the Restless has been promising for weeks!

Jack and Sharon are driving, with Nick in the back seat.  Nick asks Jack straight out if he killed Ji Min.  Sharon tells Nick about the dog hair, and Jack continues to deny his involvement.

Maggie sees Lauren in the lobby of the hotel.  Maggie talks about Paul's mother and how they used to live together.  This is news to Maggie, who is surprised to find out that Lauren and Paul used to be married.

Adrian and Victoria run into Nick, Jack and Sharon in the parking garage.  Adrian mentions that he's going to check out a ski resort (in Wisconsin!).  Nick tells Victoria privately about their father calling in Nikki's loan, and Victoria is upset.  She swears that she won't let him do that.  Victoria immediately calls Victor, royally pissed off, from the parking garage.  That's some good cell phone reception.  Victoria says angrily that he should have consulted her before calling in the loans, but he hangs up on her.  She says that after their tour of the town, she's going back to Genoa City to show him how much she is her father's daughter.

At the hotel, Amber shows off to Katherine and Cane that Fenmore's is going to showcase her designs and songs.  JT calls Cane to tell him about the big crack in the wall.

Maggie tells Paul that she found out that he used to be married to Lauren.  Before he can respond, Lauren and Noah come downstairs and suggest that they all go fishing together.

Katherine and Cane look at the cracks in the garage with JT.  Cane also reports that there are cracks in the fitness center as well.  They are going to have to halt construction and renovate the entire place.

David is consoling Nikki outside at the construction site when the walls holding the crew up collapse.  Underground, the parking garage also collapses, and the last shot of the episode is of Sharon amidst the rubble, struggling to breathe.

There are no scenes from the next The Young and the Restless, but the collapse storyline will surely continue.  Keep watching!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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