The Young and the Restless: October 18 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 18 Live Thoughts
Michael waits in the prison visiting room for Phyllis to come in as The Young and the Restless begins today.  Phyllis tells Michael happily that she was in to see the warden because she was put in the work-release program.  She starts in two days, but Michael and Lauren will be up in Clear Springs in two days' time.

Nick goes to see Neil about resuming his duties as co-CEO of Newman.

Nikki's on the phone with David.  David is up at the development.  Nikki is having lunch with Katherine Chancellor, and Nikki tells her about her impending divorce.

Neil goes to see Victor, but Victor is engrossed with his online chess game.  First a baby name book, and now online gaming?  He's going soft.  Except he's totally not because the chess game is a metaphor for cutthroat business practices.

Jack freaking out to Sharon again about his image problems.  Sharon suggests that they all go up to Clear Springs and bring Noah.  He thinks it's a great idea.

Victoria made it safely up to Clear Springs.  JT plans to ask the guy who he suspects of taking kickbacks if he could get in on the deal as well, which would be the proof he and Victoria need to bring the guy down.

Neil is worried that because Nick wants to resume his duties means that Neil will be ousted.  Victor tells him that he's trusted Neil, but he'll have to decide what's best for the business.

JT goes to his foreman and tells him that he checked the concrete and it's not sound.  The foreman doesn't want to hear about it.

Phyllis calls Nick and tells him her good news. 

Cane, Nick and Neil have a meeting about the construction site.  Nick and Neil butt heads over what to do with the rebar supplier, but in the end Neil bends to accommodate Nick.

David meets with the foreman at the hotel in Clear Springs.  His name is Joe.

Lauren goes to the coffeehouse where Amber is working.  Amber takes out a big portfolio with some original designs and she wants to show Lauren, but Lauren is so frazzled and busy that she doesn't have time to look at them.  Lauren leaves to go up to Clear Springs, but forgets some mock-ups for the department store there.

Nikki and Katherine continue to rehash Victor and Nikki's divorce.  But Katherine wisely tells her that she shouldn't leave Victor because of David.  She advises her to fight as hard as she can before she walks away from her marriage.  Katherine says that someday she might realize that she still loves her husband and that he still loves her.

Lauren rushes over to meet with Michael at the club.  He kisses her and soothes her stress.  Everything is taken care of, he's ordered their food to go, they'll have a leisurely drive up to Clear Springs, and he has other, sexier things to keep her mind occupied.  They start to kiss, but his phone rings, and Victor who needs him to do some work tonight.  This means that Lauren has to go up to the development alone, and Michael will join him tomorrow.

Neil and Victor go over some numbers for the project.  Nikki's project is continuing to hemorrhage money, which means that her marital assets will continue to dwindle, and that's not something he wants to let happen.  Nick comes in and tells him the good news about Phyllis' work release.  Victor suggests that they build the cradle, and even tells Nick that he loves him!  Aww!  They hug, and Nick leaves.

Neil confides his frustrations to Karen.  He says that blood is thicker than water at Newman Enterprises, but Karen assures him that Victor relies on him.

Up at Clear Springs, Victoria tells JT that David was talking to Joe, the manager again.  She thinks that David might be involved with the kickbacks and asks JT to keep an eye on both of them.

Nick thanks Michael for all his work to get Phyllis in the work release program, but Michael is adamant that they can't

Joe the construction manager tells JT that he was right about one of the cement trucks having bad cement.  Joe says it was an isolated case.  JT presses him about getting a raise, but Joe isn't budging.  Victoria comes by and Joe tells her that he's just promoted JT to be a supervisor.  But he tells JT that it's a promotion only--if he proves himself, then they can talk about a raise later.

Victor calls Nick and Neil into his office and tells them that he's chosen who will become co-CEO.  Victor tells them both that they are excellent businessmen.  He makes Nick the head of the venture capital division, Neil will be the co-CEO of the cosmetics division, and Victoria will run the real estate division.  It seems like everybody is happy with this decision, but the music is still dramatic, so maybe not.

Paul tells JT that according to his bank records, Joe has recently made five large cash deposits.  Once he's off the phone, he asks Maggie to go up to Clear Springs with him.

Nikki talks to a painting of Victor and tells it that she still loves him.  Victor comes in and tells her without much ado that her last loan payment was very overdue, and that he's calling in her loan, effective immediately.  Nikki is furious, and they get into a yelling match.  Nikki claims that the only reason why sales are down are because of Jack's scandal.  Victor yells that he's saving her from herself, allowing her to leave the marriage with some money.  He says that she should be thanking him and tells her to get the hell out of here.

Cane and Katherine plan to go up to Clear Springs.

Amber offers Lauren to drive up the schematics to the Fenmore department store first thing in the morning.

Nick is at prison with Phyllis.  He promises that his trip to Clear Springs is a quick overnight trip, and he promises that he'll be back to see her on her first day at work.

JT gets a call from Joe.  Joe offers him a 25 percent bump in his raise, but JT presses that he wants him to double his monthly salary in cash.  Joe feigns a bad cell phone connections and says that he wants to discuss this face to face.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Who will rise from out of the ashes?  Who's excited about this?  The Young and the Restless really needs some kind of big dramatic storyline, doesn't it?

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