The Young and the Restless: October 16 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 16 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins with Sharon coming home to find a sad Jack.  His appearance is disheveled insofar as his tie is is loosened, which I've almost never seen before.  He tells her that he is now the main person of interest in Ji Min's case.  The dog hair found on Ji Min's body is from Jack and Sharon's dog.

At the club, Jill approaches Maggie and asks if there are any new developments on her investigation.  Against her better judgment, Maggie tells Jill about the Jack's dog's hair.  Maggie says it's not definitive and not to jump to conclusion.  Maggie says that there is footage of Jack leaving Ji Min's room.  But wait!  If they have security cameras there, why is nobody suspecting Amber??

Heather and Cane are still sitting on the bench together by the basketball court.  I find Heather cute, but Cane is rather smarmy.

Phyllis is in the day room in prison, looking at the other inmates.  The creepy chaplain is there too.

Michael is off to the prison to see Phyllis and gives Gloria instructions on how to feed Fen.  But Gloria has other plans, so she called the babysitter.  Michael wants to know what Gloria has planned.  He is angry when he hears that she has a date with Jeffrey Bardwell.  He warns her that Jeffrey wants Gloria's inheritance and wants to see her in prison for manslaughter.  Gloria is clueless.  She says that she's keeping her enemies close, but Michael sternly warns her that hanging out with Jeffrey is dangerous.

The chaplain approaches Phyllis who is in the midst of research of the work release program.  He is there to offer prayer if she's like him to.  She tells him that she's looking to do corporate websites for Jack's Clear Springs deal.

Jack thinks he needs to hire a lawyer before Maggie's investigation gets any worse.  He's worried that this is going to be the end of his career.

Maggie has to get back to the station, but she really shouldn't have told Jill about it.  Jill really has it out for Jack now, but Cane tells her to let the police do their work.  Can we just find out who killed him already, instead of dragging this out for another month?

Gloria goes to the club to meet Jeffrey.  They flirt.  I personally like Gloria's character, but does anybody else think that Judith Chapman's cosmetic surgeon went a little overboard with the eyelid tucks?

Phyllis continues to confide in the creepy chaplain.  I want to yell at her to stop talking because he's so clearly creepy! 

Sharon and Jack work out what they should do to about the Ji Min involvement.  Jack thanks her for believing in him and loving him and not judging him.  The doorbell rings, and Jack thinks it's the press.  But it's Jill at the door.  Sharon immediately start to bicker, but Jack tells Jill that she just needs someone to blame.  Jill openly accuses him of killing Ji Min.  Jill tells Sharon that Jack was the last person to be caught on the security tape before Ji Min died.  This is news to Sharon, who looks immediately worried.

Heather and Cane lounge around at the club.  Cane tries to ask Heather for details on Ji Min's case, but Heather has more of a backbone than Maggie does, and refuses to tell him anything.

Michael goes to the prison to tell Phyllis about the work-release program.  Michael says that they are working hard on making the case for her, but she has to be a model prisoner.  Phyllis tells him that she's meeting with the chaplain now too, the same chaplain who advised John Abbott when he was in prison, at the same time Jack manipulated him to cut Gloria out of his will.

Jeffrey and Gloria discuss John Abbott at dinner.  Gloria suspects that being cut out of John's will was all Jack's doing.  Jeffrey says that he knows how that feels: he can't be sure that someone else didn't manipulate William to cut him out of his will.  Gloria's eyes go wide with worry, but plays dumb.  Jeffrey said that at the time, he didn't need the money because he made plenty of money in the dotcom boom of the '90s.

Phyllis defends Jack against Michael's accusations.

Sharon has to go pick Noah up from a friend's house soon.  Jack worries about what will happen when Noah finds out about this.  Sharon expresses disappointment and raises her voice about the security camera footage and the threat to Ji Min's family property in Korea.  Sharon still believes that Jack didn't commit the crime, but she just doesn't know when the nightmare of scrutiny is going to end.  I like The Young and the Restless characters a lot more when they are angry and yelling.  Sharon, for example, looks like she's finally grown a backbone.

Jeffrey tells Gloria that he's been looking into some real estate and franchise opportunities in the area.  Yawn!  Their date has come to a close, and he asks to see her again.  Meanwhile, Jill makes a beeline for the bar and orders a double dirty martini.

Sharon goes to pick up Noah, leaving Jack home alone.  John Abbott's spirit joins him as soon as she leaves.  John tells him that they both know that Sharon is the best thing in his life.

Michael says that Phyllis' chances for getting into the work release program are better than average, especially considering that she has Jack and Victor on her side.  But Michael is adamant that even if Jack didn't need all of John's money, Jack hates Gloria and that is reason enough to deny her inheritance.

Michael comes home from prison to find Gloria drinking wine in the dark.  Gloria is upset that Jeffrey didn't ask her more about herself more.  The only thing she learned about him tonight is that he's after her money.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey is still at the club and sidles up to Jill.  He asks if she was close to William.  She says that they dated for a while, but he ended up marrying Gloria.  Jeffrey flirts with Gloria, saying that his brother chose wrong.

Cane is at the basketball court alone and leaves a message on Heather's voicemail, apologizing for making her feel uncomfortable.  He is clearly upset.

John tells Jack that he's going to have to start convincing people that he didn't Ji Min's.  The plan that they come up with is to find out who really killed Ji Min.

Phyllis asks the chaplain to tell her more about the last few weeks of John Abbott's life.

In three days on The Young and the Restless: Building collapses!  Lives are in danger!

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