The Young and the Restless: October 12 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 12 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins with Jack on the phone with what appears to be Sharon.  He just came back from Madison for the Senate ethics committee hearing, and doesn't know about Phyllis' ruling.

Michael brings the bad news to Phyllis that her appeal was denied by the judge.  She is terribly upset that she can't go home and tells Michael that she wants a new lawyer.

Colleen brings Adrian a welcome-back-to-teaching present.  She has organized his slides and put them all in order for him in the slide projector.  I wasn't aware that this was still the 1970s.  Adrian should really try out PowerPoint.  Heather comes by to talk to Colleen.

Nikki and David have breakfast at the club.  David suggests that she have a day of pampering by playing hooky with him.

Nick asks Victor to make some calls to get Phyllis out of jail.

Michael tells Phyllis her options.  First, to go to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  But Phyllis doesn't like the sound of all this because she thinks she doesn't have a good chance.

Nikki asks why David doesn't talk to his ex-wife.  He says it's because he started dating Carmen right before the divorce.  Nikki is disillusioned to realize that she is getting close to a man who cheated on his wife.

Heather came back to return the book she borrowed from Colleen, but she forgot it in her office.  She asks Adrian if he has a minute to talk about her first paper, but he curtly says that he doesn't have any time.

At the coffeehouse, Paul (Heather's secret daddy) makes plans with Heather.  She's on the phone with Macey's family's voicemail to ask them about the keepsake she found in Adrian's apartment.

Nikki's watching Summer in the Newman conference room.  Nikki talks to her, as Nick watches unseen from the doorway.  Nikki tells Summer that when she grows up and starts dating and looking for a husband, she should make sure that he loves you.  Money or influence doesn't matter.  Obviously, she's talking about her own failed marriage with Victor.  Nick finally walks in.  Seems like she took Summer out of daycare.  Nikki wants to spend the day with Summer, and Nick agrees.

Jack visits Phyllis in prison.  Jack asks her if Victor can pull some strings on her behalf.  Phyllis tells him that Victor had approached her and offered to help her as long as she testifies against Jack.  Jack says that he'd take the fall for her any day and she should have taken him up on it.  Jack promises that he'll work every angle to get her out of here.  The chaplain, Rev. Anderson, comes by to see how Phyllis is doing.  He and Jack have a past!  Jack flashbacks when he tricked his father into retroactively making Jack the executor of his John Abbot's will.  Jack then instructed his father to give the will to Rev. Anderson!  The chaplain, who is a creepy son of a bitch, congratulates Jack on becoming a senator.

Nick tells Nikki that Phyllis' appeal was denied.  Nick asks Nikki why they are rushing into a divorce.  Nikki doesn't know what she's going to do if Victor calls in her loans.

At prison, Jana offers Phyllis her sympathies about her appeal.  Jana reveals that she has Internet privileges.  Phyllis' hair is actually really messy, with a little piece sticking out on end.  Jana's got a visitor: it's David Chow, who was once a boyfriend of Carmen, the woman Jana murdered.

Nick appeals to Victor on Nikki's behalf.

David and Jana have their meeting in the visiting cell.  Jana had asked him come today because the anniversary of Carmen's death is in a few weeks and she wants to contact her family to tell them how sorry she is.  She said that the whole thing started when Jana stole something from Victoria Newman, and Carmen found her with it, and then Jana's tumor and crazy behavior took over.  Jana pleads that she wants to atone for what she's done and spend her life helping people.

Heather talks to Paul about her roommate Macey, how jealous she was about her perfect nuclear family.  Paul still hasn't come clean that he's her father.  Heather recounts her childhood of abuse at the hands of her step-father.  She says that her real father hasn't even cared enough to get to know her, which makes Paul look sad and mournful.  Heather makes a call from Macey's parents and tells them that she ran into Adrian there.  She finds out that Macey's family didn't give him the Leaning Tower of Pisa figurine after all.

Colleen tells Jack that Brad has decided to pay for her tuition, even though Jack already paid it.  In a mini The Young and the Restless/The Bold and the Beautiful throwaway crossover line, Jack tells Colleen that Ashley Abbott is engaged.  Michael calls Jack's cell and tells him that he might have found a way to spring Phyllis from jail.

Paul is distracted from his conversation with Heather and confides in Maggie about his troubles.

Adrian's working on his lecture notes when Colleen playfully tickles him with a feather.  There's a knock at the door and it's Heather.  Adrian is instantly cold.  Heather brought the book she borrowed and tells him that she talked to Macey's parents.  She said that they didn't remember giving the figurine to Adrian.  Heather's onto him!  He's definitely got something to hide.

Phyllis asks Jana how her meeting went with David.  David had told her everything there is to know about Carmen, in order for Jana to feel the full extent of how much she hurt everyone when she killed Carmen.

Michael has assembled Jack, Victor, Nikki and Jack to help Phyllis.  Jack and Nikki want to get a new lawyer for Phyllis.  Michael explains the work-release program for non-violent criminals.  Michael needs them all to make the case that the Project is in such dire straits that they need Phyllis to come back to work.

Adrian tells Heather that he didn't get the Leaning Tower from Macey's family.  What really happened, he says, is that Macey brought it to class with her and gave it to him.

Nick goes to see Phyllis.  Nick tells her that Summer is with Nikki, but Phyllis is upset to hear this because there is no love lost between Phyllis and Nikki.

Jack tells Michael that he doesn't care what he has to do, he wants Phyllis out of prison yesterday.

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