The Young and the Restless: October 8 Live Thoughs
The Young and the Restless: October 8 Live Thoughs
The Young and the Restless opens a new week with some happy news for Jack and Sharon.  And by news, I mean no news--they look at the morning paper, and there are not stories about them.  Unfortunately, Brad is at the coffeehouse with a copy of a tabloid with a front page story of Nick kissing Sharon.

Maggie and Paul eat breakfast together at the club.  They go over the facts of Ji Min's murder.  Their list of suspects is Amber and Cane, but Maggie's gut tells her that it's Jack.  David comes by to ask them how their investigation is going and to cast doubt on Jack's role in the murder.

Victoria and JT, newly engaged, wake up from blissful slumber in each other's arms.  Victoria wants to keep their engagement a secret for a while so that they can enjoy privately for a while.

Nikki approaches Victor, who again barely looks up from his work.  Nikki asks Victor if they can keep the news of their divorce just between the two of them for a while because she doesn't want any repercussions for either of their businesses.  But Victor says that their divorce isn't going to affect his business at all.  In the end, he says that he'll keep the divorce a secret so that their children won't have to find out from the internet, but as soon as they know, the gloves are coming off.

Daniel storms into Newman Enterprises to confront Nick angrily about the story in the tabloid.  Nick tells him that he's already discussed the issue with Phyllis, and it is a private matter, so he is not going to talk to Daniel about it.

Neil walks into Victor's office, and Victor immediately tells Neil about his divorce.  So much for keeping it a secret until he tells his kids.  Victor actually shows emotion and looks torn with regret.

David tells Nikki that it's possible that Victor is feeling badly about the divorce as well, but he never allows himself to show weakness.  Nikki laments how heartless Victor has become, especially considering how vulnerable he became during his illness.

JT feels the baby kicking in Victoria's belly.  He wants the baby to play football, but Victoria wants him to play soccer.

Jack wants to celebrate the lack of news about them by playing hooky and going to sailing.  But that is nothing new for Jack because he never works anyway.  He gets a call from the National Inquisitor, the tabloid that published the story about Nick and Sharon this morning.  Jack yells into the phone and hangs up.

Daniel visits Phyllis in prison to tell her about the tabloid story.  Daniel asks if Phyllis is mad at the tabloid reporters, or if she's mad at Nick.  She says that she's more worried about Jack than about herself.  Daniel looks concerned.

Sharon is pouring coffee at Newman Enterprise.  Neil comes in and tells Sharon that he heard about the tabloid.  She, like Phyllis, is more worried about Jack.  Neil tells her that she is not responsible for leaking the story.  Brad comes in after and puts on his concerned face, but she merely brushes that away and says she has to meet Jack.

Phyllis, it seems, has her phone privileges reinstated, so she calls Nick.  They both think that Brad might have been the one to leak the story.  Phyllis is not happy with Nick at this moment.  After his conversation, Victor tells him that he wants to tell him something.  Victor tells him that with Nick's name in the headlines these days, the undue attention given to him, and by extension to Phyllis, is going to make it difficult for Victor to fly under the radar to get Phyllis out of the slammer.

Nikki calls Victoria and asks her daughter if she has any contacts to help her about the first loan payment.

Nick barges in on Brad and angrily demands to know why Brad leaked the story.  They have an intense verbal sparring, until Neil comes in to break things up.

Sharon is hanging out with Jack at work.  Jack says that one way to escape all the negative publicity is for him to give up his senate seat.  Sharon tells him that he shouldn't do that, if for no other reason than to be a good example of persevering for Noah.  Jack asks Daniel to man the phones for him.

Victoria and JT are having breakfast at the hotel.  JT is keeping his eye on a man across the room; he suspects this man of being the major player in the kickback scam that he is staking out.

Maggie asks Daniel where she might be able to find Jack.  Daniel is pretty sure he is at the club.  Poor Maggie must not realize that every character on The Young and the Restless eat every meal at the club.

Nikki's situation with her first loan payment to is getting dire.  David, on the phone, advises her to go to Victor and ask for an extension.  David is actually in the same hotel where Victoria and JT are staying; he walks over to the man JT is surveilling and shakes hands with him.  The man's name is Joe.  Victoria gets suspicious about the meeting, saying she has a weird feeling about it.

Nikki asks for an extension, but Victor doesn't grant it.

Maggie meets with Jack and Sharon at the club.  She asks Jack to go down to the station because she wants him to answer a few more questions regarding Ji Min's death in light of new evidence that has turned up.  He says that he won't answer any questions without his lawyer present, but she says that he best call him then.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Neil scolds Lily and Devon about how they treat Karen, Maggie wants to know how Jack persuaded Ji Min to cancel the interview.

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