The Young and the Restless: October 5 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 5 Live Thoughts
Today on The Young and the Restless, it is after Lily's awkward dinner, and she walks Cane out.

Amber, wearing a hideous black leather top, is working at the coffeehouse when Daniel comes by to ask her if she would like to go to a movie.  She refuses because working keeps her mind off of Cane, who is on his way there to meet Heather, so we know that her tactic is not going to work.

Victoria is off the Clear Springs.  David finds out that Victor owns the drilling and mineral oil outside of Clear Springs, which could ruin Nikki.

Colleen is done with her studying and talks to Lily about Cane.  They make plans to meet at the club, to avoid Cane and Heather who will be at the coffeehouse.  Amber gets upset to see them there as well.

Nikkie goes home to Victor to confront him about his plan for Clear Springs.  She tells him that she knows all about how he's been playing her.  He doesn't care whether the project succeeds or fails because he'll still come out on top.  He barely looks up at her.  He agrees that he doesn't care what happens to Nikki's company.  They get into a huge fight about their business and their marriage.

Amber is freaking out at Heather and Cane.  Cane invites Amber to the club to avoid Amber, but that's where Lily and Colleen are!  Amber, too, makes plans to go to the club with Daniel to get away from Cane.  Really, the fine characters on The Young and the Restless should find more places to hang out.

Victoria and JT have arrived at their luxury hotel at Clear Springs.  He gives her a bottle of her favorite perfume.  Her phone rings, but he begs her not to answer it and not to talk about work at all, just to enjoy his company.

Nikkie and Victor continue to fight. She tells him that he was controlling and condescending.  David calls her to check up on her, and Victor rips her phone away from her when he learns who she's talking to.  He tells her never to flaunt that man in front of him, not in his house.  And he says it is his house, not hers.  Nikkie waxes nostalgic about their past together.  She assures him that it was never about the money and she had fallen in love with him.

Amber is now at the club with Daniel.  He reminds her for the umpteenth time that she's never getting back together with him.  Across the room, Cane and Heather think that she followed them.

Victoria and JT are in the middle of their romantic dinner.  They make gooey cute talk about how they love each other.  He is really annoying in that he doesn't let her get her text messages, but as soon as he leaves the room she checks her text.  It was JT who sent the text after all!  He wrote, "Will you marry me?"  Victoria is speechless, and says that they've never even talked about it.  She wonders what the rush is and why can't they wait for the baby to come. 

Colleen and Lily have now arrived at the club, only to see Cane and Heather as well.  Colleen wants to leave, but Lily walks over and says hello.  Amber watches the whole thing, and observes that her ex had a thing for Daniel's ex.

At the Newman mansion, Nikki plays with the dog.  Nikkie talks about Victor's past medical problems.  They remember the happy times they had, but he can't help but continue to make digs about her political campaign and business ventures that she did against his wishes.

Daniel does his best to make Amber laugh, and Lily wonders from across the room if they are a couple yet.

Heather is probably the most boring character ever.  She has the flattest monotone.  She and Cane tell each other about their past.

Victoria tells JT that getting married isn't something that you do on an impulse.  Then, they make a pro/con list.  They can't think of any cons, although I can think of a thing or two.  Like, how needy JT is, for starters.  He then gives her a huge garnet ring, garnet for the baby's birthstone.  Victoria tells him that she's superstitious about things involving the baby, so even though she loves the ring, she won't put it on until the baby is born.  And then she says yes, she'll marry him.

Cane and Heather end their date early because both have work to do.  They agree that they'd both like to do this again.  As Cane walks Heather out to her car, he stops to stare at Lily.

Nikki tells Victor that she was afraid that she would lose her independence when they got re-married.  He was her knight in shining armor back then.  But she doesn't need someone to save her anymore, she needs someone to accept who she is.  Victor says that he can't accept her because he doesn't know her anymore and she's not the same woman he married.  They breakup and Victor says that he'll have his lawyer draw up divorce papers.  They both look incredibly sad.

Cane gets into his car and puts in the CD that Lily lent him.  He listens to the mellow, acoustic strummy strummy guitar thoughtfully, as the camera pans over to Lily and Amber, both looking miserable.

Victoria and JT are in post-coital bliss, but Victor is alone and miserable in his huge mansion.  Nikki meets David at the club, and she also looks miserable.  Everybody's sad, especially Victor, who cries.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack confronts Brad, Victor wants to keep his impending divorce on the DL.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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