The Young and the Restless: October 2 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 2 Live Thoughts
On The Young and the Restless, Sharon, Jack and Noah are at the table eating dinner.  Jack is distracted because all he can think about is his wife kissing Nick.

Neil and Karen meet with Nick at Newman Enterprise talking about how Karen kicked Neil's ass in kickboxing.  Nick leaves to wrap some other work, leaving Neil and Karen alone.  She wants to order food right away, but he says that they should have a snack now and he'll treat her to a nice dinner later.  She accepts.

Colleen invites Brad over to her and Adrian's house for dinner.

Cane runs into Lily outside the gym.  They have awkward small talk.

Colleen tells Adrian that she invited her dad for dinner, but Adrian is less than pleased.  He is not happy to have Brad over, considering that Brad hates his guts, but to make Colleen happy, he finally agrees.

Jack, Sharon and Noah are at home.  Sharon says that she's going to the bookstore to get books to bring to Phyllis tomorrow.  Nick comes over to see Jack.  I would like to see this meeting come to blows, please.

Lily sees Colleen at the club restaurant, ordering desserts for her dinner tonight.  Lily obsesses about her awkward conversation with Cane.  Colleen provides good best friend advice, telling Lily to just hang out and be friends with Cane.

Jack tells Nick to get out of his face.  Nick apologizes, but Jack doesn't accept it.  Jack accuses Nick of planning the whole location scout to get closer to Sharon.  Jack is pissed off!  But sadly, no punches are exchanged.

Sharon calls someone and asks this person to meet her soon.  We don't know who she's talking to yet.  We find out after the break that it was Neil she called.  But Neil had plans with Karen, so he leaves her a voicemail to reschedule.

Lily starts working out with teeny tiny weights at the gym.  Cane comes over to help correct her form.  Cane says that he wants to take Lily out sometime.

Brad arrives at Adrian's and Colleen's.  Adrian is really stressed out with work, so we all know this dinner is going to turn out disastrously.

Jack is drinking alone in the living room.  Nick comes in and takes all responsibility for the kiss.  He tells Jack that Sharon is blameless and that if he learned anything from the experience, it's that Sharon loves Jack.  Jack doesn't believe him.  Jack is about to rip Nick a new one, but Noah calls down for help with his homework.

Sharon has met with Neil.  She confessed everything to him.  Neil said that, at the time, he had told Nick to back off from Sharon.  Sharon is clearly a stupid woman because, if memory serves me correctly, they are in the same room from which Jack overheard her conversation with Brad.  And yet, she is not discernibly any more careful now when talking to Neil.  Anyway, Sharon says that she will always love Nick, but that was in the past.  Now Jack is her whole life, and she'll do anything to get him back.

Things are very awkward at Adrian's and Colleen's.  Brad is very rude, snooping around Adrian's books and papers.

Nick is still there when Jack comes downstairs again.  Nick tells him that Sharon and Noah don't deserve all the fallout that occurred after Jack's Jabot scandal.  The two men raise their voices and argue, but Noah runs downstairs and begs them to stop fighting.  Noah think that they were fighting about his suspension from school.

Cane continues to give Lily some weight-lifting tips, and she is amazed that he knows so much.  She is not very bright.  Cane says something about how he likes hiking and outdoorsy stuff, but it's different here "in the concrete jungle."  Lily says that she's definitely a city girl and likes facials.  Aren't they supposed to be in Wisconsin?  Cane waves hi to a hot chick across the room, which does not go unnoticed by Lily.

Adrian and Brad engage in passive-aggressive posturing at dinner.

Neil engages in chairside psychology.  He says that maybe part of Sharon wanted Jack to find out about the kiss.  He reminisces about his flirtation with Carmen when his wife Drusilla was still alive. Neil says what doesn't kill her marriage will only make it stronger, but she has to forgive herself before she can make it better with Jack.

Cane brings Lily a glass of water and gives her more workout tips.  The hot chick from before interrupts them.  It turns out that she is his workout buddy.  Much to Lily's chagrin, Cane is teaching her how to use the weights.  But then hot chick leaves, and Cane assures Lily that she has nothing on her.

Finally, Jack manages to kick Nick out of the house, making it clear that unless he is there to pick up Noah, he's no longer welcome.

After the disastrous dinner party, Colleen apologizes for putting Adrian through the awkward dinner.  He accepts her apology, as long as she can do two hours of proofreading and one hour of massaging.

Neil meets Karen after his conversation with Sharon.  Karen admires Neil's loyalty.

Nick, holding Summer, makes a tape for Phyllis, telling her that he loves her and Summer and that's the way it's going to be.

Sharon comes home to find Jack.  They talk about the honeymoon treasure hunt that Jack set up for Sharon.  He can't let go of her kiss with Nick and sadly muses that he that that Sharon loved him.  He doesn't forgive her.

Although this wasn't a stellar episode of The Young and the Restless, at least there weren't too many mentions of mall developments and white collar crimes.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Cane and Lily go on a date, Phyllis and Sharon have it out.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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