The Young and the Restless: October 1 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 1 Live Thoughts
A new week opens on The Young and the Restless.  Sharon is in the parking garage with Brad, just as we left them on Friday.  Sharon gets on the phone to tell Nick that Jack knows about their kiss.  Jack is at home with Noah.  Noah tells Jack that he made him a present to help him feel better.

Neil walks in on Karen, who is hard at work composing an email concerning the Clear Springs Project.  She gets a call from Victoria, who is at the gym, working out with JT.  Karen tells her that she got four calls from possible tenants for the new mall.

JT and Victoria are too boring for words.  Victoria talks about how much work she has piled up on her desk.  Not only are we subject to allegations of fraud by Jack, but we have to watch people discuss things like malls and developers every day on The Young and the Restless.  Anyway, JT wants Victoria to come with him to Clear Springs when he starts to work on the construction crew so they can have some hanky-panky on the side.

In prison, Phyllis and Jana are talking about Jana's past killing.  Phyllis is trying to convince Jana and herself that Jana is really in control of her actions now, post-surgery.  However, Jana is still in a panic.  She says that she killed Carmen long before she knew she even had a brain tumor.

JT and succeeded in convincing Victoria to join him at Clear Springs.

Jack is reading some more negative press on the web about himself.  Noah gives him a CD with a picture of the whole family to cheer him up.  Sharon comes home, but she and Jack secretly share a pained look.

Nick goes over to the prison to see Phyllis.  He tells her about when he went on the location scout with Sharon and got locked in the vault and about the kiss they shared there.

How tired am I of Clear Springs??  Neil and Karen are talking about water damage.  Golly, this really is riveting, isn't it?  Neil asks Karen to take a break for an hour.  He turns off her phone and invites her to a kickboxing rematch.

At the gym, Brad approaches JT and Victoria to ask JT about Newman Security.  JT and Victoria have their best prickly demeanor on display.  JT tells him that he's about to go to Clear Springs to work construction.

Jack, Sharon and Noah are looking at old pictures of the family.  Noah shows them how to use the photos as screensavers.

In prison, Phyllis is speechless.  She remembers that the kiss occurred at the same time when Nick was blaming her for breaking up his marriage.  Nick assures her that it was just one kiss, and he says that it was before he fell back in love with Phyllis.  .  Phyllis demands to know how the kiss happened.  He says that he took his shirt off, but only because there was no air in the vault, but that was the only article of clothing that came off between the two of them.  Nick begs her not to make any more out of it, and tells her that he loves her.  She says that it's not about that--she says that it would be okay if she were on the outside and could make her happy.  But as things stand, she is in prison, but Sharon is out there, and she can't stand that.

At the gym, JT has to take a call, which leaves Victoria alone with Brad.  He asks about her and the baby.  She says that the baby is kicking up a storm.  Brad offers his assistance if she needs anything while JT is out of town.

Phyllis asks Nick why he's telling her now, if the kiss happened a while ago.  Nick says that he doesn't want to hurt and would change it all if he could.  He says that kissing Sharon was then, but Phyllis, only Phyllis, is now.  Finally, Phyllis relents a bit.

At Jack's, Sharon says that she wants them all to be happy, but he is pissy about her indiscretion.  He says that it seems that they've been here before: he puts all his trust in her and then she breaks that trust.  Sharon asks Jack to come back after dropping Noah off at his friend's house so that the two can talk.  But Jack throws it in her face that actions speak louder than words, and he's hearing her loud and clear.

Brad is at the athletic club restaurant and sees Karen and Neil walking in.  Neil warns Karen that when Brad is in a good mood, that is the time when one must worry.

Sharon is at the office, and Nick shows up.  He tells her that he told Phyllis, who calls Phyllis at that moment.  Phyllis gets nasty, and tells Sharon to show up at the prison tomorrow.  Whatever she has to say, she better say to her face.  See, now, this is the kind of thing that I want to watch on The Young and the Restless.  Sharon and Phyllis getting into a bitchfight would totally rock.  In prison, Jana has overheard Phyllis' conversation and offers to be her backup to bring the blonde bitch down tomorrow.

Karen is kicking Neil's ass in kickboxing at the gym.

Nick confides in his sister Victoria about his lady troubles.

Sharon runs into Brad in front of the elevators at work.  He is faux-concerned about her.  Sharon says that Jack is taking it pretty hard and won't talk to her.

Jack is at prison now with Sharon.  He is sick to his stomach about this.  She says that he believed Nick when he said that he's not in love with Sharon.  Jack is not convinced that Sharon doesn't love Nick.  Jack implies that he is going to keep Sharon around for the sake of his senatorial image, and Phyllis is shocked that he would say that.  She says that he has to forgive her, and they have to stick together.  Sharon and Nick made a mistake, but Phyllis says that they should forgive them.

Nick tells Victoria that Jack found out about the kiss when Sharon was talking to Brad and the intercom was on.  Victoria remembers that the same thing happened to her.  She and Brad were talking about his oh-so complicated past, and the intercom was on, so Carmen overheard everything.  Hopefully, Nick finds this suspicious enough to investigate Brad, but I really doubt that he can put the evidence together to come up with any kind of conclusion.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Neil gives Sharon advice, Jack threatens Nick.

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