The Young and the Restless: November 19 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: November 19 Live Thoughts
It's Thanksgiving week on The Young and the Restless.  It's high tension at the hospital still.  JT (Thad Luckinbill), Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Victor (Eric Braeden) are in agreement with Dr. Webb that they should proceed with the emergency C-section for Victoria (Amelia Heinle), even though that would mean certain death for her baby.  Nikki (Melody Scott Thomas) insists that Victoria would not want to have the C-section, so she can't agree to it, even though not going through with it would almost certainly cause her death.

Colleen (Tammin Sursok) asks Brad (Don Diamont) for an update on Victoria.  Adrian (Eyal Podell) decides to go to the hospital soon.

In prison, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) is working on a fabulous dollhouse for baby Summer.  She is on edge, waiting to hear the results from her hearing.  Jana (Emily O'Brien) sympathizes.

Everyone continues to gang up on Nikki at the hospital for not agreeing to go ahead with Victoria's C-section.  Nikki is in tears, so not only is her hair still hideous, she also has mascara running down her face.  Nick tries to play go-between between Nikki and Victor, but Nikki is still firm.  Nikki refuses to listen to anything the doctor says about all the bad things that could happen to Victoria if they don't act now.

Phyllis freaks out when Jana says that her appeal is a sure thing because she's afraid of jinxing it.

Adrian and Colleen have arrived at the hospital to find JT in the depths of despair.  Colleen immediately calls Brad, who leaves his office to go to the hospital.

Phyllis doesn't want to jinx her appeal, and Jana mocks her for her superstitious behavior.

Adrian goes to the chapel in the hospital to say a prayer for Victoria.  Nick tries to convince Nikki to agree with the rest of the family.  I really don't see what Nikki is thinking here.  If the choice is between saving one of them by having the C-section, or saving neither of them by doing nothing, I think it totally makes sense to save one of them, right?

Brad comes in.  He tells Victor and JT reproachfully that Colleen filled him in on Victoria's deteriorating condition, and curtly asks to speak to Victor out in the hallway.  Outside, Brad demands to know why he wasn't informed.  Brad seems to be on Nikki's side right now, wanting to give the baby more of a chance.  But Victor asks him what he would do if it were Colleen in the coma instead of Victoria.  Brad goes over to Colleen about the decision that the Newmans have to make.  He says that he knows in his heart that Victoria would want to save the baby at all cost, but he isn't the one who can authorize any decision-making.  Brad finds Nikki and tells her that he agrees with her.

Nick tries to understand Nikki's point of view regarding Victoria's condition, but ultimately, I think he's opting toward saving Victoria's life first, and the baby's second.  I'm really glad that the rationale that Nikki and Brad have are coming from trying to guess what Victoria would want if she were conscious, instead of turning The Young and the Restless into a right-to-life thing.  Er, except that maybe they are making it into a right-to-life thing by placing equal value on Victoria's life and her fetus' life.  Nikki asks Adrian if Victoria talked about the baby when they were trapped in the parking garage.  Nikki and JT try to get Adrian to tell them if she said anything that would give any indication of what she would decide here.

In prison, the guard tells Phyllis that she's in trouble because they found contraband in her cell.  Phyllis accuses Jana of putting the contraband in the cell, and threatens that if Jana were the cause of this, that she'll make her life miserable.

Now it's Victor's turn to ask Adrian what Victoria said underground.  He flashbacks to their conversation and tells Victor that she was looking forward to raising her son, more than anything.  Nick tells his parents that they are Victoria's legal guardians.  Um, excuse me?  Since when do grown up people have legal guardians?  Nick can't decide, but he does know deep down that his sister would want to save the baby.

Monopoly Man warden tells Phyllis that she is only allowed to have possession of one craft at a time from her crafts class in her cell, but they found both a picture frame and a dollhouse.  Jana jumps in and says that the picture frame is hers, but the warden can see that she's lying to cover for Phyllis.  He suspends Jana's visiting privileges after Thanksgiving.

Victor tells Dr. Webb to go ahead with the surgery, but Nikki doesn't allow it.

Next on The Young and the Restless: The warden tells Phyllis to gather her things, Nikki's hair continues to look even worse, Lily realizes the faux-pas she made with Karen.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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