The Young and the Restless: November 14 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: November 14 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) on the phone from prison with Daniel (Michael Graziadei), discussing her upcoming re-hearing.

Paul (Doug Davidson) fights with Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren (Tracy Bregman) about Heather (Vail Bloom).  Paul had told Heather about his involvement with Sheila Carter's kidnapping yesterday, and didn't implicate Michael and Lauren, but they could still be proven to be accessories after the fact to the kidnapping.  They are furious with him.

Gloria (Judith Chapman) asks Kevin (Greg Rikaart) to keep Jeffrey Bardwell (Ted Shackelford) occupied at the bar at GCAC because she wants to sneak up into his room to steal the jar of contaminated cream.  She has a master key that she stole from the housekeeper.  Kevin sidles up to Jeffrey, who immediately says he has to go up to his room to make a phone call.  Kevin calls Gloria's cell to warn her.  Gloria loses her master key, but just barely makes it out of the room when Jeffrey shows up.

Michael and Lauren discuss the possibility of running away to a remote island with baby Fen if they get convicted of being accessories after the fact.

Phyllis and Jana (Emily O'Brien) play gin rummy in prison, and Jana admires Phyllis for handling all the adversity she is facing.

Gloria plans on staging a "semi-seduction" on Jeffrey and asks Kevin to come in and interrupt them.  Kevin freaks out because he doesn't want to consider his mother in any kind of sexual position, but he reluctantly agrees to her plan.

Gloria is back home now, dressed like Elvira.  Jeffrey calls to make plans, and Lauren interrogates her.  Lauren scolds her that she's going to make things worse, and demands that she leave the situation alone.  Naturally, Gloria refuses to budge, so Lauren calls Michael to tell on her.

Daniel tells Amber (Adrienne Frantz) at the coffeehouse that he thinks that Heather is actually a human being, instead of the evil robot that Amber thinks she is.  He tells her about catching her crying in the break room at Newman yesterday.  Amber thinks that Heather was just playing Daniel.  Michael is also at the coffeehouse to pick up an order to go.  Do people ever cook on The Young and the Restless?  Michael approaches Heather, who is also at the coffeehouse,  Heather tells him to go to hell.

At the GCAC, Gloria and Jeffrey have drinks.  She suggests that they put business stuff aside and just enjoy each other's company.

Michael comes home to tell Lauren that Heather just might prosecute Paul out of pure spite.  Phyllis calls Michael to find out what her chances are at her hearing tomorrow.  He says that he's going to do his best, but he's rather cold because he has other problems on his mind.

Jeffrey tells Gloria an off-color joke, which results in some heavy fake flirtation on both sides.

Lauren runs over to the coffeehouse to talk to Heather.  Lauren says that her horrible ordeal at Clear Springs paled in comparison to the experience she had being Sheila Carter's prey.  She knows that what Paul did was illegal, but he saved Lauren's life and that he's a good man.  Heather retorts that a good man wouldn't have abandoned his own child.  Lauren asks her to consider forgiving Paul, and not just for his sake but for hers as well.

Jeffrey brings Gloria up to his room, which conveniently enough, looks exactly like Ji Min's old room.  They begin kissing.  Gloria pretends that she left her watch at the bar, and asks him to fetch it for her.  He decides to call down for it instead.

It's Daniel's turn to approach Heather.  He wants to talk about Phyllis, but Heather says that he's not allowed to talk about her.  He says that he's only known her for four years because Phyllis didn't raise her as a kid.  She is incredulous that he is sticking up for his mother even though she didn't raise him.  Heather immediately calls Paul, who is at the athletic club with Maggie, and asks to meet her now.

Upstairs, Gloria interrupts her makeout session with Jeffrey to ask for a nice dry white wine.  She excuses herself to use the bathroom, and takes that opportunity to call Kevin to tell him to get his ass over there right now.

Heather demands that Paul tell her how many people know that she is his daughter.  He explains that Lauren knows because she's his ex-wife, and Michael only recently found out.  Paul says that he regrets those years of neglect and abandonment, but she's still really pissed off.  She asks if she has any brothers or sisters, and Paul says that she has a half-brother named Ricky who lives with his grandparents.

Gloria pretends that the wine glasses are filthy, and rather than calling down for clean glasses, he offers to wash them himself.  While he's doing that, she rummages through his things.  She finds a letter from William in a box by the bed, and she reads, "If anything happens to me, don't let her get away with it."  Gloria also pockets the corkscrew, which means that Jeffrey has to call down again to ask for a new one.

Lauren says that Heather is very angry but very focused right now, which means that she will be much more determined in the courtroom tomorrow at Phyllis' hearing.

Heather doesn't accept Paul's apology.  She says that she's not going to prosecute him, not because of any warm feelings but because she lacks any hard evidence against her.  She also tells him to tell Michael that tomorrow, she's going to do to Phyllis what she wished she could have done to Paul: make sure a child abandoner stays in jail where she belongs.

Jeffrey gets super frustrated when Kevin shows up at the door, feigning that there is an emergency with one of the shipments of Jabot cosmetics and that Gloria needs to go and take care of it.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victoria needs a new medication, Phyllis and Nick give in to their desires, and there's more courtroom drama.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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