The Young and the Restless: November 9 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: November 9 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins with Phyllis and Jana in prison.  Phyllis is getting ready for work, and Jana insinuates again that Jack manipulated his father to write Gloria out of his will.  As soon as Phyllis leaves, Jana makes an appointment to chat with the chaplain.

Nick comes to the hospital and gets filled in on Victoria's deteriorating condition.  Her blood pressure is still high.

Paul tells Maggie that he's going to tell Heather that she's his daughter today.  Speaking of Heather, Kevin comes by to snark at her.  She's reading up on Sheila Carter's case file.

Phyllis goes to work and immediately calls Nick.  At the hospital, Victoria's blood pressure is back to normal and the urinalysis shows no sign of failing kidneys.  He can't give anymore information until they do another MRI.  Nikki demands that the doctors do every single test they can think of.

Heather asks Lauren about Sheila.  Lauren immediately panics and asks if Sheila is back.  Lauren goes over the details of the incident with Phyllis and Sheila, who was a Phyllis look-alike.  We are treated to flashbacks from past episodes of The Young and the Restless.  Michael is working a motion to re-do Phyllis' appeal trial.

Phyllis and Jack argue about whether to kick Victor while he's down.  Jack changes the subject and asks if Phyllis is still talking to the chaplain these days.  Speaking of the chaplain, Jana is talking to him now too.  Jana brings up Gloria.  She asks him why John cut her out of the will.  The chaplain can't disclose the information, but he says that she can try talking to Todd Scheller, John's cellmate.  The same man Phyllis has been trying to get a hold of.  Jana immediately gets on the phone to tell Kevin to look up Todd.

Heather asks Maggie about Sheila.  Maggie recounts getting shot by Sheila in the cage in the warehouse.

Nikki, Victoria, Nick and JT are frightened when Victoria's blood pressure monitor starts beeping again.  But her bp isn't as high as it was, so that might be a good sign.

Heather finds Phyllis at work and asks her about Sheila Carter.

Kevin tells Gloria that Jana has been investigating about John's will.  Kevin tells her that he knows who John's confidant was during prison.

Phyllis wants to get the chaplain to help with the Newman relief effort, but Jack gets all evasive when she brings up the chaplain again.  Phyllis asks him if Jack rewrote his father will, but he denies it.  Later, Jack tells her that Todd Scheller called for her and left a message.  Lauren comes in to do some "work" for the relief effort, and the two women catch up.  Jack says that he's personally going to sponsor five relief worker families and invite them to the State of the State Address to meet the governor, but he doesn't want it to be a publicity stunt.  Phyllis says that she doesn't need to call Todd Scheller back after all.

Kevin left a message with Todd Scheller's roommate and finds out that he's not the only one looking for Todd these days.

The doctor comes back with all of Victoria's test results.  Everything comes back normal, so they still don't know what's wrong with her.

Todd Scheller's secretary calls Kevin back and Kevin asks about whether Todd ever mentioned John Abbott.  He asks for the secretary to have Todd call him back.

Michael comes in with the great news that Phyllis' appeal will be reconsidered by the appellate court.  Everyone is ecstatic about this, except for Phyllis who would be happier if she could celebrate the good news with Nick.

Paul meets with Heather at the coffeehouse.  He has trouble getting his words out.  He slowly tells her that she is his daughter.  Shock registers on her face.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Daniel warns Phyllis that there might be random spot checks on her, Heather has to report Paul, Michael says that he and Paul are in it together.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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