The Young and the Restless: November 7 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: November 7 Live Thoughts
Today is the day that Enrique Iglesias is going to be on The Young and the Restless.  Neil and Karen are still fielding calls from the press.  Neil pulls them both away from their work to get to the club to see the concert.  Neil reassures Karen that his kids are not going to be brats.

Maggie drags Paul out of the coffeehouse to get a good table at the club.  She gets defensive when Paul accuses her of being an Enrique groupie.  She puts on her jacket, and then winces in pain where she got shot in the stomach.  But she refuses to go to the ER because she doesn't want to miss the concert.

Michael flirtatiously asks Lauren to go to the Enrique concert, but Lauren is reluctant to go out.

Amber and Daniel try to convince Kevin to forgo work at the coffeehouse to go to Indigo for the concert, but he refuses.

Cane calls Heather and asks her to meet him at Indigo.  He's really glad that she asked him to go.  What about little Lily?

Lily is hiding in the back office of Indigo, avoiding Cane.  Colleen tries to convince her to come out of the office. Devon and Roxanne (Tatyana Ali from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) walk in.  Out by the bar, Paul and Maggie make small talk with Neil and Karen.  But Karen starts to get uncomfortable when Neil starts talking about Drusilla.

Amber and Daniel have successfully convinced Kevin to join them.  Amber wants to sing a duet with Enrique.  Amber tells him that the first thing she thought of when she was trapped underground was that she was never going to see a blue sky again.  She apologizes for all the things she's done to him.  Aww, they have a cute moment together.

Michael continues his efforts to convince Lauren to go out to Indigo, but she wants to stay home.  He doesn't want her to lock herself away like the last time.  Finally, she agrees to go.

Amber and Daniel scope out Indigo for people to hit on.  Daniel espies a hot chick in a black cocktail dress from across the room and goes to work his charm, but then is dismayed to find out that it's Heather.  Neil and Devon get indignant when they see that Daniel has showed up, but Lily calms them down, saying that she's over him and moved on, and so should they.  Lily makes an excuse about bio lab to go talk to Roxanne, but she really wants to ask how much Roxanne likes her brother.

Michael is the last person in Genoa City to find out that Victor's mining operation was the cause of the collapse and is furious when Paul and Maggie tell him.  Michael barges into Neil's office and chews him out for knowing about the mining operation.

Maggie is still in pain from her old gunshot wound from Sheila Carter.  Paul and Heather make plans to have lunch tomorrow.

Kevin asks Heather for her opinion on what Jana's chances are for getting out of prison.  He offers to buy her a drink.

Cane and Lily talk.  Heather comes back to join him, which makes Lily feel uncomfortable and walk away.  She goes outside to sulk, where Neil finds her.  Lily is only wearing her strapless dress, but it's supposed to be November in Wisconsin.  Neil counsels his daughter not to get involved with Cane.

Maggie is stifling her pain.  Paul tells Lauren and Michael that she's in pain because Sheila Carter shot her.  Lauren gets upset and rushes away.

Colleen sits with Kevin.  She says that now that they are finally not in a disaster situation or in an insane asylum, they should talk about happy things.  They drink.  Adrian shows up, looking older than ever.

Daniel and Lily catch up, but they don't have a whole lot to say to each other.  Especially since Lily is giving Amber the stink-eye for talking to Cane across the room.

Lauren is having a panic attack outside.  She got scared when Paul and Maggie brought up Sheila; Lauren is afraid that Sheila can haunt her for the rest of her life.  Paul tells her that he wishes he had never let Sheila Carter escape.  Heather is on the other side of the door while their conversation is occurring and hears everything.  Clearly upset from what she heard, she tells Cane that she just got some really shocking news.

Finally, it is time for Enrique's performance!  He sings "Somebody's Me."  He's kind of adorable.   He sits on a stool in front of the mic, backed up by an acoustic band.  Seriously, Enrique is everywhere these days.  He was on How I Met Your Mother, he's on The Young and the Restless today.  Also today, he's going to be on America's Next Top Model.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Colleen is worried about JT, Victoria has high blood pressure, Heather asks Cane to coffee.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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