The Young and the Restless: November 6 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: November 6 Live Thoughts
Please, please, please let this be the day when Victoria wakes up!  Please!  Alas, she is still comatose at the beginning of today's episode of The Young and the Restless.  JT and Colleen is at her bedside again.  JT has brought Victoria's quilt and nightgown and perfume from home.  Colleen has brought some gifts for her too.  This is probably the easiest week of filming for Amelia Heinle, that's for sure.

Victor is sitting in his office with his dog Zapato when Neil comes in and tells him that the explosion was caused by an electrical short that ignited a pocket of methane gas.  This was purely a fluke accident, but Victor is still blaming himself.

Jack is on the phone at home, trying to clear up red tape to get relief checks to the disaster victims.  Sharon reasons with him to be kind to Victor, but Jack refuses to listen to reason.  Jack tells his wife that he'll try not to have a public confrontation with Victor today, but he can't make any promises.

Neil is fielding calls from the press when Lily comes in to ask him if he needs a coffee break.  Lily deduces that Cane wasn't responsible for the collapse and is relieved.

Speaking of Cane, he orders a double mocha espresso at the coffeehouse, but he pronounces espresso like "ex-press-o."  Maggie and Heather show up and talk to him.

JT asks the nurse if he can help the physical therapist with Victoria's motion exercises.  Brad comes in and gives Colleen a hug and asks how Victoria is.  There's going to be a showdown between Brad and JT, I bet.  The Young and the Restless really does need more fights.

Lily tells Cane at the coffeehouse that she's glad to hear that Cane and Chancellor weren't responsible for the accident, but Cane can't help thinking that he still has to blame himself.

Victor tells Neil and Karen to set up a press conference for him.  He will write the statement himself.

Jack approaches Maggie and Heather at the coffeehouse and offers his theory that Victor was the one who killed Ji Min.  He tells them that Victor went up to Ji Min's room, and also owns a dog with yellow hair.  Maggie and Heather don't really believe him, though.

Karen briefs Victor on the details of the press conference.  He isn't going to answer any questions and he doesn't want anyone else to stand next to him.

Lily has finished her studying and makes flirts awkwardly with Cane.  He gives her a big hug right before she leaves for the hospital.  She kisses him on the cheek (and the camera closes-up on all of this) and Cane touches her cheek.  If I weren't so sick of Lily and Cane, I might have thought this whole seen was kind of cute.

JT asks Brad to talk in the hallway.  Ooh!  I hope they fight!  JT tells Brad that he has to be alone with Victoria, and could Brad kindly go home?  Sadly, Brad acquiesces.  No fisticuffs today.  Colleen and Lily discuss Victoria in the hospital cafeteria.  Colleen is pulling for Brad to be the father of the baby.  Lily fills Colleen in about her run-in with Cane today at the coffeehouse.  Lily informs her that Enrique Iglesias will be performing at Indigo tonight (which means tomorrow's episode).  Colleen makes an executive decision that she and Adrian will attend.

It's press conference time.  Except, Karen tells everything that it's not a press conference because Victor won't be answering questions.  Victor is wearing a black suit with a dark blue tie.  It's nice to see him dressed up after being in casual clothes for so long, except I don't think his suit jacket quite fits him.  He doesn't really say that much, except that he assures everyone that they will investigate everything.  He doesn't even take responsibility for the collapse.  As soon as he's done, the reporters comically scream out their questions but he just walks out.  After the press conference, Neil gives Karen a massage and invites her to his club tonight to watch Enrique Iglesias.

At home, Noah and Sharon have just watched Victor on TV.  Noah had a nightmare about the collapse.  He doesn't want to talk about it and asks to go play his video game.

Jack shows up at Victor's office and asks if he plans to take responsibility for what happened.  Jack stops to pat Zapato, who's lying on the sofa.  Once he's outside the office, he opens his hand to reveal a tuft of dog hair.  The tuft of hair is like huge.  What a cruel man to yank out a dog's fur!  I mean, Zapato is a short-haired dog, so it would actually be pretty difficult to get that much dog hair from him.  If I were on the fence about Jack before this, I definitely don't like him now for that.

Heather invites Cane to the Enrique concert.  Cane accepts just as Lily walks in and interrupts them.

Sharon calls Victor to tell him that she knows that the collapse wasn't his fault and that she knows he's suffering for it.  Victor promises to come over to visit Noah soon.

Colleen is still at the hospital and talks to JT.  She asks him to ease up on her dad a bit, so he agrees to give Brad some alone time with Victoria.  JT says that he's glad she's here and happy to be friends.

Brad barges into Victor's office angrily.  He yells at Victor, and Victor just calls him a self-serving son of a bitch and to get the hell out of here.  Brad says that if Victoria were conscious, she wouldn't let Victor anywhere near her for what he did.

Lily asks Cane to the Enrique show.  Cane says that he would love to but he already said that he would go with Heather.  Lily tries to cover her tracks and play it cool.

Victor is now at Victoria's bedside again, with his tie loosened.  He tells her about all the conflicted feelings he's feeling.  He did the drilling in the first place because he was obsessed with humiliating Nikki, but he doesn't feel that way anymore.  All he feels is remorse and sadness and guilt.  He'll never forgive himself.

Jack asked Maggie to meet him at the coffeehouse.  He gives her a baggy of Zapato's dog hair.  Maggie says that evidence collected by a civilian is inadmissible, but Jack insists that she test it anyway and then get another sample if the tests come back positive.  She walks over to the trash to throw it out.  The camera closes in on the contents of the trash bin, but I can't tell if the dog hair baggy is in it.  Did anyone else see?

Next on The Young and the Restless: Neil doesn't want anything to be going on with Lily and Cane, Sheila is haunting Lauren, Enrique Iglesias performs.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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