The Young and the Restless: November 5 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: November 5 Live Thoughts
Another week of The Young and the Restless begins.  Katherine and Cane meet with the investigator who says that Chancellor was not at fault.  The team found that the garage was structurally sound and there was not evidence of substandard materials.  But, they'll have to wait for the final report to determine what was the cause of the collapse.

David Chow and Neil discuss the collapse as well.  Neil tells him that NIST, OHSA and the U.S. Geological Survey have determined that the collapse was not due to any substandard materials or seismic activity.

Victor and Jack also discuss the accident, and are interrupted by a special news report on TV which reports that the accident was caused by the nearby methane gas drilling, and that Victor is the owner of the drilling company.

Nikki goes over to JT to pack up some of Victoria's clothes.  She notices the picture of Victor on the dartboard.  Nikki finds the bag of baby clothes that she bought for Victoria before the accident, the clothes that Victoria didn't want for fear of jinxing her pregnancy.

Sharon is at home.  Nick comes downstairs after visiting with Noah, who is still quiet and unresponsive after his hospital stay.  Sharon says that she'll call Noah's therapist.  Neil calls Nick to tell him that Victor and his methane production was the cause of the collapse.

Victor and Jack get the NIST report faxed to them, and they discover that all safety precautions were adhered to, but cold weather forced water into the gas deposits, or something, and that led to a chain of events that caused an explosion.  Jack accuses Victor of causing the explosion.

Cane tells Katherine that the police have opened an official homicide investigation.

Nick hurries over to Newman Enterprises and asks Neil if he knew that Victor was responsible.  Nick is furious.  He didn't know about it because Victor used a subsidiary of the company that isn't connected to Newman Enterprises to do the gas drilling.

JT and Nikki are now back at the hospital, and David rushes over to meet them.  He tells Nikki the bad news about Victor's involvement in the accident.

Now, let me just say that the storylines are getting increasingly more esoteric on The Young and the Restless.  I don't know that much about methane gas drilling (I didn't even know you had to drill for it!) and I don't really know how subsidiaries of large companies work or really what mineral rights are.  I'm just going to simplify this whole corporate mess by saying that Victor did something (drilling) that he knew would be bad for Nikki's business, and it ended up causing an explosion.  Which is always bad for business.

Also, everyone keeps calling the National Institute of Standards and Technology by saying out all the letters, N-I-S-T.  Now, I thought NIST was more of a basic scientific research institution and not in the business of investigating accidents (but I could be wrong about this), but I know for sure that people call it NIST, rhymes with mist.

Nikki is shocked to learn that Victor was responsible.

Cane and Katherine are furious to learn that his crew was hurt because Victor just wanted his wife to pay.  Katherine leaves to go to the hospital to see if Nikki knows about this.

Victor is on the phone, demanding to get the report faxed to him at the hospital, and wants to know who was responsible for the faulty monitoring device that caused the accident.  Nikki approaches him and says that if he did this, if he is responsible for putting Victoria in the hospital, she will never forgive him.  Victor asks her how she can dare accuse him of the disaster.  But Neil arrives to assure him that everything was done by the book and it was an accident.  Nick doesn't quite believe it, though.

JT, wearing a rather effeminate tight black top, is at Victoria's bedside again, telling her about an idea to have a coed bridal shower.

Nikki vents to David about how Victor always put work ahead of her and their marriage.  Katherine catches the tail-end of her tearful rant and asks her what she can do.  Nikki shows Katherine the blue ribbon that Victoria had won in horse riding that she had found at the loft.

JT is the last person to know of Victor's responsibility in the collapse.  Cane tells JT about it at the hospital, and asks Victor himself if this is true.

It's Nick's turn to talk to Victoria.  Victor comes in and takes over.  Out in the hallway, Nick tells his father that he didn't knows he didn't do this on purpose.

Noah is lying on the couch, playing his video game.  Sharon and Jack worries about Noah's mental state because he refuses to talk to anyone and just plays his game all day long.  Jack sits next to him and asks him if he wants to take Fisher for a walk.  Noah barely acknowledges him.  I think that means it's time for him to go to boarding school, I hope.

Neil and Katherine sit down and talk.  Neil assures Katherine that he double-checked every safety precaution himself, but Katherine is not buying that Victor didn't have ulterior motives for drilling.

Jack doesn't want to push Noah too hard.  He reads blogs on the Internet who accuse Victor of causing the collapse on purpose.  Sharon is very sympathetic of Victor because she knows that he must be in pain for Victoria's condition, but Jack thinks that Victor should fry for this.

Katherine and Cane agree that Chancellor Industries should bury Victor in lawsuits.

Nikki has brought Victoria's pillow with silk pillowcase and her quilt to the hospital.

In his office, Victor sadly stares at a picture of Victoria.  By the way, I find it hilarious that he also has an oil painting of himself on the wall too.  Neil comes in with more information from OHSA.  Victor doesn't want to release a statement to the media.  Neil tells him that he made a business decision to protect his assets, and it wasn't his fault.  But Victor says that part of his decision was to get back at Nikki, and he is clearly in inner turmoil over this.  He just wants to be left alone.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor wants to set up a press conference, Jack tells Maggie and Heather that he might be able to help crack their case.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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