The Young and the Restless: November 2 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: November 2 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins in prison again.  Phyllis is in her street clothes, and talking to the chaplain about the struggles she's having, adjusting to work-release.

Sharon and Jack bring Noah home for the first time since the accident.  Noah is clearly in poor spirits.  Jack and Sharon talk about how Victor should be the next prime suspect in the Ji Min case, for owning a dog similar to Fisher and for having motive to kill him.

Paul goes to the hospital to speak to Victor about what he's found out about the Clear Springs accident.  The one guy who could answer questions, Joe Boddington, is dead.  Paul was able to connect him to prior illegal activities, but his associates won't talk.

Kevin is working on the books at the coffeehouse.  Gloria joins him.  She wants to go with him to prison to see Jana.  How much Botox has this woman had?  Do you ever notice that her neck skin is really wrinkly, but her face is as smooth as a baby's butt?

Neil tells Devon that he'll be working with Phyllis at Newman.  Nick joins them, asking for good news.  Neil tells Nick that he should think about work right now, as he's got everything at Newman Enterprises covered.  This might be just the break he needs to surpass Nick and Victoria in Victor's eyes.  Neil has a meeting scheduled with Katherine and Cane to find out what they know about the collapse.

Jana wants Phyllis to ask Kevin about John Abbott's prison stay.

Jack wants to know why the police don't suspect Victor.  He recalls to Sharon that he saw Victor racing up the stairs to Ji Min's room after finding out that he had canceled his press interview.

Neil tells Victor that a big client wants to speak to Victor and only Victor, but the big man doesn't want to come back to work until Victoria is better.  He has Neil just cancel the account.

Cane is still beating himself up about the collapse.  Cane says that if there were substandard materials, then he's going to resign straightaway.  But Katherine says that she was the one who approved of hiring Boddington, so the collapse reflects on her.  Paul comes over, and Katherine tells him to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this.

Phyllis has shown up to work, and she and Nick make fake-small talk over the coffee pot.  Phyllis says that she would be with him day and night at the hospital if she could, but revels that for the next eight hours she can have a normal life without guards, bars or laundry duty.

Jana greets Kevin and Gloria in prison.  She jokes that there was a prison riot a few days ago, and is now the cell block leader.  They talk about the survivors of the Clear Springs collapse, and Jana mentions that when people go through experiences like that, they tend to rewrite their wills.  Kevin cracks a joke that Jack would write her out of his will if he could, making Gloria look pained.

Paul tells Maggie at the coffeehouse that April thinks that it's not a good time to tell Heather that he's her daddy.  Then Paul asks Maggie if she can help contact Joe Boddington's associates.

Cane and Katherine have their meeting with Jack, Neil and David Chow.  Neil lets Cane know that he's onto JT Hellstrom working for Chancellor Industries as a private investigator, not buying the cover story that he just needed a job.  Cane comes clean about hiring JT to find out about the stolen supplies and the kickbacks.

In prison, Kevin and Gloria tell Jana their suspicions that Jack somehow forged John Abbott's will.

Phyllis calls Todd Scheller who was an inmate with John, but is interrupted by Devon coming into the office.  They are very cold with each other.

Jack approaches Victor with his sympathies for Victoria's condition.  Jack tells him that he's a prime suspect in Ji Min's death, and then accuses him of killing him.  Victor also has a yellow lab, see.

Gloria leaves to get some fresh air and to give Jana and Kevin some privacy.  Jana wants to ask the chaplain if he has proof that someone forged John's will, which would prove that he did love Gloria after all.

Phyllis has written up a press release for Devon to look over.  They start talking about the rumors of sabotage going on about the Clear Springs collapse, but she puts a stop to it because she's not allowed to fraternize with other employees.  Only, she pronounces it "fratranize."  Devon offers to pick up something for lunch for Phyllis, and she asks for a sub from Chester's, which is apparently far away.  This will give her enough privacy to finally talk to Todd Scheller.

Jack accuses Victor of killing Ji Min within earshot of Maggie, the detective.  Maggie interrupts them to ask how Noah and Victoria are doing.  She says that she will stop by see Noah, and that she'll say an extra prayer for Victoria.

David calls Nikki to tell her that although they are waiting for the official report from NIST, Cane confirmed that substandard materials were being used.  Nick realizes that Katherine must have known about this, and vows that if Katherine is responsible for putting his sister in a coma, then he'll make her pay.

Phyllis is done with her work for the day.  As soon as she leaves, the phone rings and Devon answers the phone.  It's a woman calling about Todd Scheller.  Phyllis comes back because she forgot her purse, so he gives her the message that Todd is out of town and will get back to her later.

Paul calls Heather and asks to meet her.  They agree to meet soon.

Jack tries to offer his condolences to Nikki, who ignores him and walks away.  Jack warns Victor that the police have as much evidence to accuse Victor as they do himself.  Victor says that if he could do it over, he would leave Jack in the rubble, choking on the dust.

A man goes over to Katherine and Cane's and informs them that they have discovered the cause of the collapse.  I hope that some of these stories on The Young and the Restless will be explained soon!

On the next The Young and the Restless: the police have opened an official homicide investigation.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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